Unpoppable Bubble Wrap available now!

by Adam

Sealed Air unpoppable Bubble Wrap IB protective packaging solution. This is now available worldwide.

This is aimed at the e commerce and supply chain sector; the new product will allow companies to create the protective packaging on site, according to their needs and desires.

A large cost for both suppliers and end consumers of bubble wrap is the shipping cost attached to supplying this item. However this new design eliminates this problem.

Sealed Air believes that this reduces the number of trucks required to supply a customer operation by nearly 97%. In fact one truck load of uninflated bubble, using two man hours is the same as 36 truck loads of standard bubble already inflated and 72 man hours 

This is a specialist product that we can supply; don’t hesitate to get in touch to understand this concept in more detail. 

For all other packaging supplies at good prices, don’t hesitate to browse our shop or contact us now!

Cardboard Display Trays

by Admin

Popular with our food manufactures, we have introduced a new size of cardboard display tray

All of our cardboard bakery trays are strong and durable and suitable for food such as bread, cakes, crisps or other snack items.

Our counter display tray is in a strong white cardboard, the tray can be packed and moved around easily by use of the carry handles to the side.  The front panel is perforated so that it can easily be removed to display the product.

Our standard range of brown stackable cardboard trays, are still available to buy online.

Stock Boxes - more sizes available online

by Admin

With more sizes than ever, take a look at our online shop for your Cardboard Packing Boxes.  Lots of box sizes available in both single and double wall as well as our Postal Box range.

Need any Packing Tape to seal your boxes?  We have a well-stocked range of popular packing tape available to buy online.

Ensure your products reach their destination safely with additional Product Protection.  We have a varied choice of voidfill products, bubble wrap and more. 

Stock boxes – increased online range available

by Lisa

With more sizes than ever, take a look at our online shop for your Cardboard Packing Boxes.  Lots of box sizes available in both single wall and double wall as well as our Postal Box range.
Need Packing Tape to seal your boxes?  We have a well-stocked range of packing tape available to buy online.
Need additional Product Protection?  We have a varied choice of void-fill productsbubble wrap and more.  All to ensure that your products are safely shipped.

Please don't hesitate to contact us

Quality Packaging; driving customer engagement by creating a packaging experience

by Adam

Drive engagement with quality packaging

Packaging is often an afterthought; it is viewed as something that is only necessary to deliver an item. It really makes a difference when the packaging is a pleasure to open. It can really create a lasting impression.

It is this impression that drives the feeling you have towards the item within the package. This is why we are seeing companies that are requiring us to create a packaging experience on their behalf.

Value adding unpacking experience

The rise of e-commerce has created a new marketing channel that is under-utilized by most companies. Don’t fall into this bracket.

When a product is brought online there are very few touching points that you have with the customer to make a lasting impression. The touching points are much easier to perform face to face which can make the difference to you standing out from your competitors.

Many companies cut corners and cost on packaging, what is an important point is that if you are an e-commerce company the packaging is the next most important item behind the product. This is the chance to really make an impression and enforce your brand.

Repeat business survey  

A recent study by Dotcom distribution has shown that a customer is more likely to make repeat purchases from a provider they deem to have premium packaging.

This same study also revealed that one in ten young adults would share a photo of an online order if the packaging stood out to them.

It is this exposure that brands can gain that is so valuable.

All companies strive to create engagement and discussion with their customers.

How to make your company Unique

·       Print on the inside on the box, shows a much greater attention to detail.

·       Stickers and Labels: Print is not always necessary, stickers or labels can be a cost effective solution.

·       Tape: Printed tape can be used; this will reinforce your brand and at the same time provide tamper protection.

·       Promotional Products: Companies are putting vouchers or sweets with the purchased item.

·       Re-sealable Packaging: Packaging that makes it easy for the customer to return an item if it is the wrong size or is not what was required. This can be a viewed as a very positive and easy option for the customer.

Contact us at Packaging Supplies to talk about how to improve your packaging





With the right protection there is no need to ban tackling in school boy rugby

by Adam

This topic was very prevalent in the news yesterday, over 70 academics and doctors asking the RFU to reconsider tackling in School rugby.

In the open letter to minsters it read,’ injuries from the high-impact collision sport’, can have lifelong consequences for children 

I personally and Packaging supplies as an office, feel this would be sacrilege; to ban tackling it would dent the character building quality you gain from playing rugby.


Please follow our tick list, below to keep your children safe


1)   Bubble Wrap: A key element of the protection process, bubble wrap when placed correctly around the top of the head and sealed with some fragile tape.(see point 3) Can act as the perfect head guard. Be sure to make some ear holes, so your child can communicate easily on the pitch. Need to hear on the pitch



2)   Foam Corner Guards: Ideal for protecting the edge of furniture, mirrors or other fragile items. However in this case an ideal replacement for shoulder pads and elbow protection. We really feel we are onto something here with this light weight and ideally shaped product.




3)   Fragile Tape: Printed tape is commonly used to seal parcels or boxes that are in need of a little tender handling, love and care. On the pitch be sure to use this to hold your socks up and for various places where it is necessary to raise attention to a fragile area.




If you want your team colours and logos to be displayed, please go down our bespoke packaging route, we would be more than happy to help. 


Please note this is only meant as a little bit of fun to a very controversial subject.




World Book day at Packaging Supplies Ltd (Wallingford)

by Adam

World Book day at Packaging Supplies Ltd (Wallingford)



A bit of fun in the office for world book day

Our favourite book has to be the FEFCO box Style guide, which we use throughout the sales team.

Meaning our favourite character has to be Mr Corrugated?

How did we do?

The Perfect Package: Feet on the ground and the World Wide Web

by Adam

We understand how important our customers are to us, but most importantly how those customers vary massively from company to company or person-to-person. This provides us with a challenge of creating a service that is flexible and accessible for all clients’ requirements.


External sales force (our feet on the ground)


There is nothing new here within the packaging industries, to have an external sales team used to be common practice. These days, with a lot of the online packaging companies, they rely solely on their online shops, and their internet traffic for their sales. We at Packaging Supplies encourage and train our external and internal sales team to forge long-term relationships with our customers. Striving to asses and advise on specific customer requirements.  Driving a successful and long-term partnership which when developed correctly would be very hard to break.


Shaking It up


Packaging sales representatives can be very hard to come by which is why we take a different approach with training and finding our sales team. We prefer to find employees with little or no packaging experience. We see it as a clean slate to train and educate in our way of doing things. We have two simple objectives,


1)   You share our views of the level of customer service and professionalism that is required

2)   Your have a hunger to learn and be a key player in your field


This investment in youth, partnered with the wise owls we have with bags of experience, is at the fore-front of what we are striving to achieve as a company.


Online Service (Our feet on the web)


We are more than aware we are part of a new digital world and times are changing. The way we offer our services must develop along with these changes. In some cases the way customers shop can be at the click of a button.

Some of our customers like it to be simple and order online which is why we have integrated our online shop for all our stock packaging and utilities.

This service is backed up with our reliable distribution network via our own fleet of vehicles or our courier service. This can all be provided on a next day delivery basis. All orders over £50 are inclusive of delivery charge!


The Future


We don’t plan to stop here, improving our level of service is always under development. The next stage is for customers to be able to view their order history and make it easy for them to place repeat orders, having access to all there information through a secure log on facility.  

How involved we are? This is for you to decide.  Our web site is there for your one click orders, or our sales team can be there to assist you every step of the way.

To find our more please don't hesitate to contact us

Hamburg, Germany is try to lead the way to help better shape the future of our environment

by Adam

The city has become the first in the world to ban single-use coffee pods and other disposable products from all government run buildings to help control environmental waste.

It is the capsules used in single use coffee pods that are particularly hard to recycle as they are made from a mixture of plastic and aluminum. It is 6 grams of coffee in 3 grams of packaging. 

There is a statement being circulated, that if you line up the pods produced from the market leader there would be enough to circle the globe12 times.

Where it all started?

Ever since 2013, Nestle who own Nespresso have had a patent revoked related to their low cost pixie brewer range.  Since this time, even though their machines have had 1,500 patents in existence, they haven’t been able to stem the flow of less expensive copycat capsules. 

Last year, more than £112m worth of coffee pods were sold in the UK, up by a third on 2014 according to the ‘Grocer’. This trend is predicted to grow even further, trebling by 2020. At which point the coffee pod will overtake the traditional tea bag.


Consumer opinion.

According to a survey undertaken by the ‘Grocer’, around 10 per cent of Britons polled believe the pods to be extremely bad for the environment. However, 22 percent of those asked said they owned a machine.


Will other cities follow suit?

This is an example of a city government taking the first step. If more cities across Europe follow this example it could lead to more pressure being placed on the industry? Or will customer convenience override the environmental effects?

Printed Tape Shop

by Adam

Packaging Supplies have a standard range of low noise polypropylene printed tapes that are pre-printed with the words ‘Caution’, ‘Handle with care’ or ‘Fragile’.

Packaging Supplies can also arrange for tape to be printed with your own wording or company logo for a minimum of 2 boxes (72 rolls)

Why not take it one step further?

“Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” J.W Marriott

Successful brands are made on attention to detail. Getting your company name or logo printed on tape, is a tool to push brand awareness!

Tap into the packaging knowledge we have gained, food manufactures for examples have dual purpose for branded tape. It is used to prove that food produce within the outer has not been tampered with as well as brand awareness

Put the final touches on any bespoke boxes and presentation boxes

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We are certified by BRC Global Standards for the storage of food & non-food grade packaging; the storage of stationery items destined for restaurant groups and the contract packing of singular factored ambient-stable food sachets into retail/wholesaler packs.

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