World Book day at Packaging Supplies Ltd (Wallingford)

by Adam

World Book day at Packaging Supplies Ltd (Wallingford)



A bit of fun in the office for world book day

Our favourite book has to be the FEFCO box Style guide, which we use throughout the sales team.

Meaning our favourite character has to be Mr Corrugated?

How did we do?

The Perfect Package: Feet on the ground and the World Wide Web

by Adam

We understand how important our customers are to us, but most importantly how those customers vary massively from company to company or person-to-person. This provides us with a challenge of creating a service that is flexible and accessible for all clients’ requirements.


External sales force (our feet on the ground)


There is nothing new here within the packaging industries, to have an external sales team used to be common practice. These days, with a lot of the online packaging companies, they rely solely on their online shops, and their internet traffic for their sales. We at Packaging Supplies encourage and train our external and internal sales team to forge long-term relationships with our customers. Striving to asses and advise on specific customer requirements.  Driving a successful and long-term partnership which when developed correctly would be very hard to break.


Shaking It up


Packaging sales representatives can be very hard to come by which is why we take a different approach with training and finding our sales team. We prefer to find employees with little or no packaging experience. We see it as a clean slate to train and educate in our way of doing things. We have two simple objectives,


1)   You share our views of the level of customer service and professionalism that is required

2)   Your have a hunger to learn and be a key player in your field


This investment in youth, partnered with the wise owls we have with bags of experience, is at the fore-front of what we are striving to achieve as a company.


Online Service (Our feet on the web)


We are more than aware we are part of a new digital world and times are changing. The way we offer our services must develop along with these changes. In some cases the way customers shop can be at the click of a button.

Some of our customers like it to be simple and order online which is why we have integrated our online shop for all our stock packaging and utilities.

This service is backed up with our reliable distribution network via our own fleet of vehicles or our courier service. This can all be provided on a next day delivery basis. All orders over £50 are inclusive of delivery charge!


The Future


We don’t plan to stop here, improving our level of service is always under development. The next stage is for customers to be able to view their order history and make it easy for them to place repeat orders, having access to all there information through a secure log on facility.  

How involved we are? This is for you to decide.  Our web site is there for your one click orders, or our sales team can be there to assist you every step of the way.

To find our more please don't hesitate to contact us

Hamburg, Germany is try to lead the way to help better shape the future of our environment

by Adam

The city has become the first in the world to ban single-use coffee pods and other disposable products from all government run buildings to help control environmental waste.

It is the capsules used in single use coffee pods that are particularly hard to recycle as they are made from a mixture of plastic and aluminum. It is 6 grams of coffee in 3 grams of packaging. 

There is a statement being circulated, that if you line up the pods produced from the market leader there would be enough to circle the globe12 times.

Where it all started?

Ever since 2013, Nestle who own Nespresso have had a patent revoked related to their low cost pixie brewer range.  Since this time, even though their machines have had 1,500 patents in existence, they haven’t been able to stem the flow of less expensive copycat capsules. 

Last year, more than £112m worth of coffee pods were sold in the UK, up by a third on 2014 according to the ‘Grocer’. This trend is predicted to grow even further, trebling by 2020. At which point the coffee pod will overtake the traditional tea bag.


Consumer opinion.

According to a survey undertaken by the ‘Grocer’, around 10 per cent of Britons polled believe the pods to be extremely bad for the environment. However, 22 percent of those asked said they owned a machine.


Will other cities follow suit?

This is an example of a city government taking the first step. If more cities across Europe follow this example it could lead to more pressure being placed on the industry? Or will customer convenience override the environmental effects?

Printed Tape Shop

by Adam

Packaging Supplies have a standard range of low noise polypropylene printed tapes that are pre-printed with the words ‘Caution’, ‘Handle with care’ or ‘Fragile’.

Packaging Supplies can also arrange for tape to be printed with your own wording or company logo for a minimum of 2 boxes (72 rolls)

Why not take it one step further?

“Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” J.W Marriott

Successful brands are made on attention to detail. Getting your company name or logo printed on tape, is a tool to push brand awareness!

Tap into the packaging knowledge we have gained, food manufactures for examples have dual purpose for branded tape. It is used to prove that food produce within the outer has not been tampered with as well as brand awareness

Put the final touches on any bespoke boxes and presentation boxes

New Line of Cardboard carry pack boxes / Gable boxes available to Buy online

by Adam

Gable Boxes are a presentable way of packing many items and are particularly popular with companies that offer take away food or food delivery services.

We offer two styles in a range of sizes, when space in delivery vehicle is limited, the fold down handle is a perfect option, allowing room for a pizza box to sit on top. Still retaining and having a handle so that the box can be presented with care

The base of the boxes is an envelope base, which means self-locking and therefore no messy tape is required. Each box can carry up to a weight of 20 kg.

As a stock product there is no tooling required, meaning this is a very cost effective way to enforce your brand through personalized packaging.


Don’t miss out whist stocks last, orders over £50 are delivered free of charge.


We can also print to individually brand your packaging, Please get in touch with us if you are looking for a bespoke Cardboard Carry Pack.

A short guide describing some of the different terms and phrases used to describe a presentation box, display box, rigid box, bespoke and custom made box. These are some of the terms used within the industry.

by Adam

Whether you are a packaging buyer, a marketing department, or a new company start up, getting the right presentational packaging is a huge part of selling your products. This is a guide to make that process easier and enable you to pick the right materials and print options.


Die cut boxes


·      Designed to fulfill more exacting requirements. Varying designs can be used to provide special display features.

·      For example, crash lock bases, locking tabs, hinged lids, windows and different integral fittings.

·      Depending on whether your requirement is just for a shipping carton for your product or is more to create a visual look, this is where the print option variety comes in. Starting with ‘Flexo’ and moving up to ‘Lithographic’. (Please see bottom of this blog for help with printing options)

·      Many of these options can be suitable for larger presentation boxes.


Carton Board (Folding carton boxes)

·      Carton board which can come in a variety of different papers depending on what is the required effect for your product and the necessary strength.

·      Kraft pack for example, is a material that has become very popular with many online and take-away food suppliers, giving an authentic and environmentally friendly image.

·      This product can be cut and glued into over 300 different styles.

·      Special features like adding an acetate window can be achieved.

·      Lithographic print can be achieved which can be supplemented with a varnish or gloss/Matt finish.

·      Sleeves are commonly placed on die cut or standard packaging to aid the point of sale affect.


Presentation boxes (Rigid box)

 ·      Paper covered rigid boxes for any high quality products.

·      We have a catalogue of papers with various texture and colours that can be applied to a rigid box.

·      Made to measure

·      Finishing options include embossing and foil-blocking.

Print options

Briefly I will take you through the print options, please look out for our blog next week which will go into more of the details and benefits of using each of the print options.

·      Flexo (Flexographic) the ink for the print is applied directly onto the print stereos made from rubber and this is then transferred on to the printing surface. This process can be used to print on to paper, cardboard as well as many other materials.

·      Litho printing (lithographic) is a match made in heaven for high quality volume printing. The image is made of a polymer coating and applied to an aluminum plate. This style of print is beneficial when fine detail is required. It can be used with many of the materials already mentioned and is also very popular with book printing.

·      Digital:  Please follow the link to our blog that is designed to show how your company or department could benefit from digital printing



This blog is only a small insight into some of what can be achieved when trying to personalize/customize or bespoke your packaging requirements.  We hope it assists you with some of the tricky terminology used within the industry.


Don't miss out, order your document enclosed labels now!

by Adam

Documents enclosed wallets are a basic essential for securing documentation to the outside of your packages.

The documents enclosed wallets are self-adhesive with a peel off backing allowing them to be secured quickly to the outside of your packages. They will stick securely to a variety of surfaces including polythene mailing bags, cardboard packaging and stretch film.

The wallets are supplied in either transparent polythene or with the words ‘Documents Enclosed’ printed on them.

Documents enclosed wallets are water resistant ensuring there is no water damage to your documents in transit. They can be used for securing all kinds of paperwork like invoices, delivery notes or packing slips.

Packaging Supplies have documents enclosed wallets in all the standard sizes from A4 to A7. Free Delivery with order over 100£

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquires, we will be happy to help

Successful business’s and brands understand the importance of seeing packaging as a key attribute to their products

by Adam

Why is it so important? Richard Reed the co-founder of the Innocent believes it is the most important aspect of marketing a Fast Moving Consumer goods range (FMCG)

Speaking at the business funding show he went on to say, “I think realistically for most FMCG products the packaging is more important than the product” Stated reed. “It is how you get noticed and create desire, and input what it is that you stand for”.

Reed highlights the importance of brands getting the packaging 100% right before investing in any marketing.

As a company we much prefer to be included the whole way through the design process, clients can tap into our constructional and design knowledge.


Reed see’s Innocent’s first attempt in entering the orange juice market is the most compelling example of this.


Innocent’s first attempt resulted in failure with the supermarkets, due to them only achieving sales of £4m. As a result of this the supermarkets delisted them. However, when they tried for the second time they had achieved a turnover of £80m in the second year.

 Over the two attempts the product itself did not change, nor the price or the brand. What changed was the packaging, putting the product into a plastic bottle and calling it a ‘carafe’.

 The changes in Revenue are staggering. Reed believed that the consumer did not know the products existed at their first attempt as it looked the same as all there competition.

 This case study example really shows the importance of getting the packaging right and creating the right looks in your market for your products.


Where do you stop with packaging? Is seasonal packaging necessary?


Keeping the trend on the importance of packaging for the FMCG, should this be developed further, changing seasonally to align with the important yearly holidays?

65% feel holiday candy should have seasonal packaging (NCA 2015), this stat alone shows there is customer expectation involved in this decision.  

The problems that arise with providing this service when you get it wrong it can be very costly. Having to offer price reductions to get rid of left over seasonal candy can affect profit margins. A lot of consumers look out for price-reduced candy for the obvious price advantages.

Hershey’s in America came up with a simple solution to extend the shelf life of their seasonal products over Halloween. They used autumn themes and colours instead of using ghosts and witches. Could this cause confusion?

It seems to us, seasonal packaging does work, but you have to handle it with care, it speak volumes if the largest brands in the market place are very selective with how they go about their seasonal branding and packaging.

We have been acquiring expertise in packaging solutions for 35 years, feel free to tap into our hard earned knowledge! Contact us now

Our Bespoke packaging solutions passed the required tests with flying colors

by Adam

In the video you can see the bespoke packaging solution we came up with for BigBox 3D printers, E3D our one of the UK leading 3D printer manufactures. You can see use passing both test with flying colours.

For more information on E3D and their products please follow the this link : 

This isn’t just through luck; it is through precision in house design and testing. This is backed up through our experienced sales/design team which is in place to consult and guide you throughout our working relationship.


The packaging in this video is a made to measure double wall box sealed with printed tape. Inside the pack there is a three part white polyethylene foam fittings, one die cut corrugated platform fitting, one die cut corrugated pad and finally covered in 100% biodegradable loose fill.This 7 part set stood up to the test   


 The video speaks volumes about are attention to detail. Please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can benefit your operation.

Could you benefit from reducing storage costs and improved liquidity?

by Adam

Could you benefit from reducing storage costs and improved liquidity?

IF we do our job correctly there should be a bridge between our warehouse and yours. Warehouses if miss managed can contribute to a large chunk of additional costs, late deliveries, and unhappy clients. Let us help.

Having two sites near Heathrow and Wallingford, Oxfordshire, we feel that we place ourselves in a competitive position, enabling our fleet of Lorries to best serve our customer base. Click here to find out which of our offices you will be a better suit to.

We feel it is important that the service we provide is executed with our own network of Lorries, this gives us great flexibility and control, enabling us to meet our client’s delivery requirements.

The inventory management solutions include

Just in time (JIT) Production

Coverage for the majority of the UK

Nest day delivery

Benefit for using out JIT Production include

·       Improvement of liquidity

·       Less stock in the warehouse results in less storage space being required, which will result in less rental cost or increased production area.

·       Our warehouses are designed for our materials, making sure that the Packaging is stocked and shipped in the best of condition.

·       Avoid the worry of changes in your production requirements.

·       Next day delivery.

·       Online access to stock levels.

·       Goods are invoiced on delivery.

Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI)

We keep an eye on your stock levels and with your consent will keep stock levels above a threshold that both parties agree on. Repeat manufacture on your behalf.

The benefit which will follow this are

·       Less planning and ordering costs as we will manage this

·       Eradicate the problem of running out of stock

·       Free up space, resources and finance.

 Let us take the stress out of your operation, we have been achieving this for 35 years. Please get in contact with one of our friendly team; we will be happy to help

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We are certified by BRC Global Standards for the storage of food & non-food grade packaging; the storage of stationery items destined for restaurant groups and the contract packing of singular factored ambient-stable food sachets into retail/wholesaler packs.

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