10 Terrible Packaging Fails You Won’t Believe Exist

How hard can it be to get packaging right? These 10 packaging fails show you just how easy it is to take a wrong turn, making your product go viral for all the wrong reasons.

We take packaging seriously here at Packaging Supplies. We work with our clients in the UK and Europe to design custom boxes perfectly suited to your needs. Unfortunately, not all packaging is as well-thought-out. There are a huge amount of packaging fails out there and while we take packaging seriously, we also can’t help but get in the laugh when packaging goes spectacularly wrong.

From design to labelling, here we’ll explore our top 10 packaging fails, so you can learn a valuable lesson about what not to do.

Packaging Fail 1: When You Don’t Get What You Paid for

Santa chocolate packaging fail with easter bunny chocolate inside.

We’re not quite sure what happened here. Perhaps the supplier had some bunnies leftover from Easter and saw an opportunity to use them up at Christmas. Whatever the case, it’s clear that there is a disconnect between what the customer thinks they’re buying and what they actually get after unwrapping the packaging. This is a lesson we should all learn from — don’t try to deceive your customers! You can take a leaf from the book of Britain’s most trusted brands.

Packaging Fail 2: When You Need the Product to Open the Product

Scissors packaging fail.

This fail is like packaging inception. You want the product, so you buy the product, but to use the product, you need to have the product free of packaging. There’s a lot to be said about making life easy for your customer, which is why this is one of our favourite packaging fails.

Packaging Fail 3: Going out of Your Way to Mislead Your Customer

Brussels packaging fail.

It’s hard to believe the company didn’t know what it was doing here. Clearly, this company used its packaging to mislead their customers, who thought they were getting much more pate than they actually did. The problem is, this will have a knock-on effect. Customers aren’t likely to repurchase this item in the future.

Packaging Fail 4: When the Packaging Is Ultimately Useless

Milk packaging fail.

This is an interesting one. How is the customer meant to re-seal the drink? Quite clearly, there has been a mistake somewhere along the line, but we can learn a lesson about ensuring quality along the assembly line.

Product Fail 5: When You Create Confusion about What’s on Offer

Picture frame packaging fail.

Either this is a very unusual-looking dog, or there has been a mistake in the presentation of the product.

Packaging Fail 6: Overuse of Plastic

Banana packaging fail.

These days, eco-friendly packaging is more in demand than ever. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on our planet. Of course, sometimes, plastic can’t be avoided. But sometimes, like in the case above, it can. Bananas come in natural packaging. Excessive and ridiculous packaging like this will only annoy customers and put them off buying your item again.

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Packaging Fail 7: Using Too Much Packaging Altogether

Claritin packaging fail.

When you look at how much packaging was used for one small tablet, it’s clear that the packaging was unnecessary. As well as this representing a waste of money, customers will be confused and irritated.

Packaging Fail 8: False Promotions

Lay's packaging fail.

Don’t give your customers less and tell them they’re getting more. Your customers are clever enough to do their research. When they discover the truth, they’ll question your authenticity and trustworthiness as a brand.

Packaging Fail 9: Misleading Promises on Your Packaging

Mini sausage rolls packaging fail.

There are only three sausage rolls in this package. This is only a twelve-pack when the customer takes the effort to cut up the sausage rolls into smaller pieces. Where does it end? The customer could cut each roll into five pieces, but that doesn’t make the product a fifteen-pack.

Packaging Fail 10: Blatant Lies

EVOO packaging fail.

This extra virgin olive oil is an imposter. In fact, it’s 90% refined sunflower oil and only 10% extra virgin olive oil. Be transparent with your customers — if you try to mislead them, they won’t trust you and they’ll go right to a competitor who gives them what they’re looking for.

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