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Most tape is plastic-based, but our biodegradable Kraft paper tape is made with a super-strong rubber adhesive — an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vinyl or polypropylene tape. 

Paper packaging tape is just as quick and easy to use as conventional, plastic-based tapes. It can be used with a standard tape dispenser, and it’ll adhere to all carton surfaces, including 100%-recycled box paper.

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Discover eco-friendly tape and sustainably secure your packages. Available in various sizes and styles.

Paper Tape

Buying eco-friendly packaging tape has never been easier. Our recyclable paper tape is available in various sizes and thicknesses — we guarantee you’ll find the planet-positive tape you need.

All our paper tape can be used with a standard 2″ tape dispenser.

Tape Dispenser

The Big Tape dispenser is suitable for use with our eco-friendly paper tapes of all sizes. It has a 50mm core and a 75mm adapter for use with other standard packaging tapes.

With an ergonomic handle and a safe, easy-to-load mechanism, it will easily improve the efficiency of your packing operations. 

Is Paper Tape Better than Plastic Tape?

All our eco-friendly tape can be recycled along with the postal box or shipping box it’s used with. It’s plastic-free and 100% recyclable, which makes life a lot easier for your eco-conscious customers. They won’t have to worry about removing any of the sticky tape before recycling their packaging.

The natural-coloured Kraft packaging tape we sell is 60gsm, an ideal thickness for numerous applications. It’s perfect for sealing postal boxes and mailers or securing shipping boxes without compromising the environment. It’s pliable and adheres to itself well, so it can be used around the edges and corners of packaging without mitring. It’s a great general-purpose option for all kinds of packaging!

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Custom Printed Paper Tape

Want to add branding to your packaging? Custom-printed paper tape is a cost-effective option for businesses exploring branding opportunities on a budget. Using customised tape on postal boxes or shipping boxes emboldens otherwise plain packaging. 

Orders of 144 rolls of packaging tape and over can be customised with your logo, artwork or slogan.

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Ordering Wholesale Packaging Tape with Us

If you need large quantities or regular deliveries, we can offer all types of additional services and support. From 30-day accounts and inventory management to custom-packaging design and fulfilment, we’re here to help!