Cardboard Book Wrap Mailers

Book wrap mailers offer simple but effective protective packaging. The multi-depth feature means each size has the flexibility to pack a range of products at varying measurements. With the peel-and-seal closure and tear-open strip, packing and unpacking couldn’t be simpler.

Made from 100% recycled paper, everything in this range is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

If you are looking for something a little different, a unique size or printed packaging, we can produce a custom solution for you.

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Functional Book Wrap Packaging at a Low Cost

Cardboard book packaging boxes are widely used for eCommerce, including by retail giant Amazon. This is because book wrap mailers are effective at protecting your product with the additional benefits of quick packing times and hassle-free opening.

Book wrap boxes are extremely easy to use, and the multi-depth of (0-70mm) means that each size can be used for a variety of products within your product range. Simply place the product inside, peel off the hot melt adhesive and seal. 

If you’re having problems with product returns due to damage, these cardboard book mailers are the answer. As well as the protective design of this book wrap packaging, the P flute board that we use offers superior strength to other cheaper alternatives out there.

What Features Do Our Book Wrap Mailers Have?

After some research and testing, we’ve created book wraps that provide the tightest fit — meaning both product protection and reduced delivery costs. If your products are more unusual in shape, you might want to consider custom-made packaging for an even better fit.

Because these book wrap mailers are made with self-seal adhesive tape, buying additional tape is not necessary. The tear-open strip doubles up as a tamper-proof feature and offers a cool unboxing experience.

Book Wrap Packaging Without a Guilty Conscience 

These cardboard book mailers are part of our “plastic-free, recycle me” range. Packaging Supplies are committed to sustainability as we strive to create packaging that is best for our environment and your products. 

And, we’re officially Carbon Neutral!

This specially-engineered book wrap packaging is not just 100% recycled but also made from 100% recycled content. With the P flute wave we use, storage space is reduced, and there’s no loss of performance. 

This P-flute board can hit 30-35% more on a pallet compared to a B-flute wave and therefore helps reduce your carbon footprint.


Go greener with book wrap mailers made from 100% recycled materials and feel reassured that your products reach their destination safely. Browse our range of postal boxes and mailers to find your next sustainable packaging solution.

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