Custom Packaging

Branded Boxes to Boost Your Business

Want to turn heads with your packaging? Look no further! Our custom-printed boxes and bags are a surefire way to stand out from the crowd. Get competitively priced designs, free up storage space, and improve cash flow with our custom packaging service. Plus, get lightning-fast next-day delivery, once your custom packaging is in stock, for absolutely free!

Don’t settle for less — make your packaging extraordinary with us. Get a free quote in just 48 hours.

Custom Packaging

Branded Boxes to Boost Your Business

Want to turn heads with your packaging? Look no further! Our custom-printed boxes and bags are a surefire way to stand out from the crowd. Get competitively priced designs, free up storage space, and improve cash flow with our custom packaging service. Plus, get lightning-fast next-day delivery, once your custom packaging is in stock, for absolutely free!

Don’t settle for less — make your packaging extraordinary with us. Get a free quote in just 48 hours.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging is the key to creating memorable experiences for your customers. From boxes and bags to stickers and labels, choose from a huge variety of custom printed packaging, all made using responsibly sourced materials and non-toxic, water or vegetable-based inks. We’ll tailor your bespoke packaging to create a cohesive look that captures the imagination of your target audience.

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Look at some examples of our custom, printed boxes and personalised packaging we’ve completed for well-known brands.

Custom Packaging: Printed Boxes & Bespoke Bags

We’ve been creating custom packaging for over 40 years and offer an incredible range of bespoke packaging. Whether you want simple yet sophisticated shipping boxes, complex, high-quality printed gift containers, or even custom food packaging, we can produce your packaging in a specific size and style. We’re also able to supply personalised packaging — including ribbon ties and foil blocking — so you can give your products a personal touch. Explore our extensive range of custom printed packaging, including fully personalised branded boxes and bags.

Our folding cartons make an ideal retail packaging solution, offering high product visibility and detailed printing options. Why not go a step further and give your customers something special to carry their new purchases home in? Our custom-printed bags can provide your businesses with an excellent eco-friendly branding opportunity, allowing you — and your customers — to showcase your brand’s logo and artwork in public.

If you’re looking for a high-grade finish for your high-end product, check out our bespoke rigid boxes, available in a huge range of sizes and styles that’ll give your printed packaging some flair. Our printed sleeves are a cost-effective solution for eCommerce businesses and online retailers and comprise a Kraft self-seal postal box and your very own custom-printed sleeve. Our sturdy corrugated packaging makes for a strong yet lightweight solution for larger products like selection boxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few queries about how our custom packaging process works? We’re here to help. Read through some of our FAQs to find the answers to your questions, or contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Personalised packaging should be designed to protect specific products in transit but also influence customer purchasing decisions. Poorly designed packaging can result in damaged products and fewer sales, while overly complicated packaging can deter repeat purchases. You must stand out from your competitors with attention-grabbing colours, fonts, graphics and sustainable packaging to appeal to an increasingly eco-conscious audience. We specialise in creating stylish yet effective packaging that builds customer trust and encourages repeat business.

Find out more about how custom packaging can drive sales.

Of course, we welcome businesses coming to us with their creative ideas. We’re happy to take a design brief or a design you already have and work alongside you to choose the best packaging materials, design and structure to create stand-out sustainable packaging.

For certain types of personalised packaging, we have different minimum order quantities. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective option, our branded stickers have a low required MOQ (100) to customise your packaging your way. Our eCommerce packs with branded sleeves are even more budget-friendly and start at minimum order quantities of 50.

  • Custom postal boxes with tape: MOQ 1000
  • Personalised rigid boxes: MOQ 250-500 (depending on size and design complexity)
  • Custom shipping boxes: MOQ 500
  • Personalised folding box cartons: MOQ 500
  • Custom postal boxes: MOQ 500
  • Composite packs / boxes & fittings: MOQ 500
  • Branded folding cartons for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing etc: MOQ 500
  • Carry packs and gable boxes: MOQ 500
  • Pizza box packaging: MOQ 2000
  • Branded mailing bags: MOQ 250
  • Branded tissue paper: MOQ 1000
  • Custom luxury rope handle bags: MOQ 250
  • Bespoke twist handle paper bags: MOQ 250
  • Branded book wrap mailers: MOQ 1000
  • Drinks packaging: MOQ 500

First, we have an initial free consultation with you to find out your priorities when it comes to custom packaging. It could be that you need flat-packed packaging to streamline your packaging processes or our help to finalise or create your packaging design. Our in-house sales and expert designers are on hand to make it happen. We believe in a collaborative approach from start to finish, working closely with you to come up with solutions to your packaging problems.

Packaging Supplies is known for its dedication to exceptional service. We offer flexible design services to suit our clients’ needs. We’re happy to assist whether you have specific design requirements or need guidance throughout the process. We provide material options, free samples, and design flexibility to create packaging that maximises product functionality and style. Packaging Supplies doesn’t just stock eco-friendly packaging; we’re working to ensure all our processes minimise any environmental impact. Find out how we went carbon neutral to offset all our carbon emissions.

Yes, we offer Complete Packaging Services to help you keep track of your stock and store your packaging safely and securely.

Packaging Design — We have a range of printing services, from easy-to-edit digital printing options to cost-effective flexographic printing. We can use water and vegetable-based inks to custom print our packaging, adding an extra edge of sustainability.

Inventory Management — Packaging Supplies can keep an eye on your stock to let you know when you’re running low and need a packaging restock.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) — We can help you with your packaging, storage and shipment using third-party logistics.

We have lots of advice to help small business’s get started with branded packaging.  You can read our guide on Low Volume Packaging That Still Packs a Punch for inspiration, tips and links to all of our related products.

A printing stereo is typically used when printing boxes or bags in a flexograhic print. A stereo is required for each colour that’s used and there’s a one-off charge applied to your first print run.  You can find out everything you need to know about flexographic printing in our blog.

A die-cutting forme is a template that’s used to stamp out the shape of your cardboard packaging.  Popular packaging styles, like postal boxes, will require a forme for each new size.  If you’re looking for branded postal boxes, you can avoid forme charges by asking us to quote on one of our existing sizes.  Forme costs vary depending on the size and will be applied to your first production run only.

Our printing process includes eco-friendly water or vegetable based inks where possible.  We also use dry toner when digitally printing.  All the inks we use are suitable for recycling using standard de-inking processes.

Top tip; If you’re serious about being green, try to steer clear of litho-laminated boxes or bags, these are unsuitable for recycling due to the plastic film used in the lamination process.  Instead, opt for matt or gloss varnishes to finish off your packaging in planet-friendly style.

We supply your printed packaging using digital, flexographic, lithographic or silk screen printing methods.  Our experienced custom packaging team will advise you on the best method for your packaging, based on the printing substrate, quantity and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve.

This really depends on the type of packaging, the printing method and your budget. To keep costs down on corrugated shipping boxes or mailing boxes, we recommend 1-2 spot colours.  However cartons and sleeves are typically printed in full colour.  We can discuss this with you in detail during the quoting process.

When you’re ready to place your order with us, we’ll send you a line drawing along with instructions on how to create your artwork. We need all artwork supplied in a high-resolution file, which can be sent via email or WeTransfer.  Preferred formats are Adobe Illustrator (Vector format), Photoshop, Artpro, high-res PDF.  Any photographic files should be sent in separate EPS files.  All fonts should be included.

Bar codes or QR codes should be in dark colours and QR codes to a min of 38mm.

Yes you can!  Striking designs can be created for both the inside and the outside of your box.  Using the outside of your box is an undeniable way to increase brand awareness and a powerful marketing tool.  Inside printing is a valuable addition and will enhance the unboxing experience, increasing brand loyalty and repeat business.

Our Tip: The cost per box will increase/decrease depending on the surface area of print, so if you’re looking to keep costs down, this is something to consider when designing your artwork.

As a rule, we try to avoid printing white.  Instead we will apply your artwork to a white paper and ‘reverse’ out the colour.  If white is required on a Kraft corrugated box, you can find out everything you need to know in our handy guide Making the most of your flexo printed packaging.

No!  We make our pricing as transparent as possible, we’ll let you know if a forme or stereo is required and we’ll provide costs for those as soon as we can.

Everything else is free, from your electronic artwork proofs, to your plain packaging samples, right through to delivery of your finished boxes.

We have a wealth of experience in this sector, producing retail packs, gift packs and eCommerce packaging.  Popular packaging includes tuck in boxes, cartons with euro slots, tray and sleeve combinations and gift boxes with integral product fittings.  We can also help with the design and manufacturer of your countertop point of sale displays and FSDU’s (free standing display units).

We utilise different materials such as corrugated, folding box board and luxury rigid paper over board, to suit your product and application.

Whether you’re a distillery, brewery or coffee roaster, we can help.  Our range covers everything from corrugated SRP trays and shipping boxes to custom bottle packs and premium gift packaging.  In this area we have experience working with niche artisan distilleries through to large scale manufactures.

In our online store we sell a range of compostable mailing bags, which is a great alternative to the plastic options on the market.  We have an extensive range of postal boxes and mailers, all perfect for protecting your items in transit.

If you’re looking for in-store retail packaging, we have many customisable options including gift boxes, display boxes and printed paper bags.

With subscription boxes on the rise, let us help you create your perfect subscription box packaging.  Corrugated postal boxes are the most popular choice for subscription boxes.  Why? They’re easy to pack and create a nice unboxing experience.

Choose from standard postal boxes with a hinged tuck in lid or for added tamper evident packaging go for one of our self seal mailing boxes.  Brand your boxes inside and out with logo’s and messages to engage your audience.

Top tips:

  • Where do we start?  We have so many options for the food industry . . . everything from sleeves to shipping boxes, bakery trays to cake boxes and burger boxes to takeaway boxes and bags.Food grade materials will be used where applicable and we can guide you on the correct board and materials for the job, including fridge/freezer safe boards. Machine erect options are also available for large runs.If your products are going to the supermarket, you’ll need to consider shelf-ready packaging (SRP) or retail-ready packaging (RRP), essential for easy movement of products through the supply chain.

Hear from our Customers

Hear From Our Customers

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In the late 1970s, two friends and colleagues, Tim Allen and Stewart Middleton saw a gap in the market for a different type of packaging supplier. At the time, other businesses were selling custom made boxes and stocking packaging consumables, but Tim and Stewart wanted to offer more than that. They wanted to give their clients additional services, such as warehouse storage and the ability to have their packaging delivered as and when it was required. Packaging Supplies was established, and the rest is history.

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