Packaging Sampling


Helping you with your packaging design choices.

Samples have an importance role to play, they aren’t just there to look pretty. All new corrugated and carton board products will be sampled free of charge. They are produced with the intention to check the board quality, size and style are all suitable for your requirements.

The Importance of Packaging Sampling

The biggest challenge with a new packaging project, is the question of how well the package will hold up going through the post, courier system or by delivery via your own own drivers. 

We recommend following our simple testing guide below:
  1. Check the box design and function of the box works for you
  2. Check that your product fits and the box can be closed
  3. Consider how quickly your product can be packed, how will this affect your operation?
  4. Seal the box and post/courier it to your self
There is no better way to test it!!

Printed Samples

Here at packaging supplies we work with a lot of marketing companies, who when planning a project, like to have a fully printed sample to show their clients, as the feel and look of the finished packaging is of high importance. These samples can be used for website photography before launch. 

There a number of ways to produce a printed sample, one of which is to digitally print. If for example you were having a litho laminated box we could produce a digitally printed sample, with no extra origination costs.

For Flexographic printed boxes, we usually find that an electronic artwork proof along with a plain box sample is sufficient. We can also supply free colour swatches if specific pantone colours have not been provided. The approval of colour swatches takes an extra day, but we recognize the important of this. Our client’s expectation of their brand colours is very important.

We can of course also supply wet proofs for any of our 4 colour printing methods, but the relevant charge will apply.

Online Packaging Products for Sale

We have a wide range of products available to buy online at very competitive prices and rapid delivery.