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Let our experts help you pick the best material and pack style for your products.

Packaging Samples for Simpler Packaging Design Choices

Sample packaging helps you make the right decisions for your products before you commit to buying packaging in bulk. We offer packaging samples for free.

When you place an order with Packaging Supplies, we’ll issue plain samples free of charge as part of our production and quality control processes. For digitally printed carton board packs, we can even supply fully digitally printed packaging samples at no additional cost.

Need to tweak your design after receiving your sample? Easily make adjustments or improvements once you’ve evaluated your packaging sample and we’ll help you create sustainable and stylish packaging without compromise.

Get in touch today for a free packaging design quote and your free packaging samples.

The Importance of Packaging Samples

There are numerous challenges when taking on any new packaging project. Opting for style over substance can lead to damaged products and customer returns, but a lack of flair can leave customers underwhelmed. Plus, you’ve got to ask the question of whether your packaging is sustainable, an increasingly important aspect of packaging to consider.

This can quickly turn the simplest of packaging projects into a nightmare.

Packaging samples are the perfect tool to help you strike a perfect balance between sustainability, style and substance. You can check the packaging is fit for purpose, showcases your brand, and has all the eco-friendly credentials to boot.

How to Make the Most of Packaging Samples

Trying out packaging samples for the first time? Follow our simple testing guide below to assess, evaluate and review your packaging:

  • Form and Function — Check the box functions as it should and that it will work with your product. Check that your product fits inside the pack correctly and that the box can be completely closed without obstructions.
  • Design and Style — Consider your product and your company branding. Does the packaging have clear brand messaging? Is the artwork within your brand guidelines? Now’s the time to check.
  • Production and Fulfilment — Consider how quickly your product can be packed and how this will affect your operational costs. Our self-seal postal boxes can be packed in under 20 seconds.
  • Shipment and Delivery — Pack your products and post or courier them to yourself to properly transit test the packaging. If the packaging arrives intact, you’re onto a winner!
  • The Unboxing Experience — Does your packaging wow your customers? Think about how your customers will engage with your packaging and will it give them an unforgettable experience.
This product can be recycled
Plastic Free
100% Plastic Free
Sustainably Sourced
Made from renewable resources
Eco Friendly Inks
Organic inks used like soy & vegetable or water based

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Whether you’re producing new packaging or updating existing packaging, our free packaging samples will help you assess the quality, size and style of your new design and make sure it’s perfectly suited to requirements.

Get Free Printed Packaging Samples

At Packaging Supplies, we work with a lot of marketing companies. Having fully printed packaging samples makes client meetings a lot more straightforward, as it allows everyone to see what the finished packaging might look and feel like.

Plus, these packaging samples can also be used for website photography or pack shots before the live product launch, making the process of launching new products a lot more streamlined (and a lot less stressful).

How We Produce Our Printed Packaging Samples

We produce digitally printed samples to avoid the need for expensive wet proofing. Providing a sample using this method will accurately represent how the final litho printed packaging will look, saving you time and money. Should you require wet proofs, we can supply them using any of our printing methods for a small fee.

For flexographic printed corrugated boxes, we find that an electronic artwork proof and a plain box sample are sufficient for the approval process. We can also supply free colour swatches when specific colours need to be matched; we understand the importance of reproducing brand colours accurately. 

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