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More to a price than just the unit cost

Many of the costs associated within your packaging spend are hidden. It is not only the unit price that needs to be taken into consideration when looking for a new packaging supplier.

Packaging Inventory Management / Warehouse Inventory Management

When looking for a new packaging supplier, it is important to not only focus on the stated unit cost alone, there are many hidden costs that will come into play; we can help you to reduce these: 
  • Save the hidden cost of filling up your storage space by reducing the amount of packaging you need to hold by utilising our warehouse space and letting us deliver to you on a just in time basis. 
  • Reducing your stock levels improves your cash flow as you will only pay for your packaging as you use it. 
  • Our online stock management system means your staff will spend less time looking after your packaging requirements and more time in revenue generating activities for your business. 
When you add all of these "hidden" costs together they can amount to a huge amount of extra expense to your organisation.

How Packaging Supplies will reduce these hidden costs: 

1) Inventory Management and Logistics 

We will set you up on a Just in Time Production/Supply basis; this means we manage all the ordering of your stock for you.  We agree on minimum stock levels and replenish manufacturing amounts on all your lines.  Stock Control becomes part of our daily routine, not yours, thus saving you time and money.

Furthermore we will set you up with remote ordering and stock level access through our VMI (vendor managed inventory) system.  Here you can still keep tabs on all your stocked lines, call off stock for delivery and place new orders, this saves your staff a huge amount of time making the process quick and easy. 

Using our dedicated fleet of vehicles, we have complete flexibility and control over all the logistics and delivery side of your packaging needs. This allows you to benefit from a next day delivery service and the power to act quickly to urgent or unexpected requirements. This means you will save a huge amount of cost by removing the need  to hold large stock levels of all your packaging lines to cover any potential eventuality. 

2) Order Fulfilment (e-commerce Fulfilment) 

Our order fulfilment division offers cost-effective and quality fulfilment solutions, collation activities and pick and pack projects, all combined with an international distribution service direct to your end client.  

With the rapid growth of the e-commerce market-place, we have grown and developed with the increased demands for well-implemented e-commerce fulfilment solutions. We can now offer a range of services to suit any product or service level agreement required. This means that you can save money on the expensive set up and running costs that come with any online retail operation. 

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