Inventory Management & Logistic Experts


Don't become short sighted with unit costs

As you already know, or will know at the end of this page. Most of the costs within packaging are hidden. It is NOT only the unit price that needs to be taken into consideration when looking for a new packaging supplier

This hidden cost can be:

  • Storage facilities
  • Poor liquidity: Cash flow help up in stock
  • Damages and Returns
  • Customer Experience
  • Stock Management

These cost may seem minimal however when added together will free up some valuable capital for your company to launch and market new products. We aren’t going to tell you how to spend your capital, this is up to you!

Free up your capital through Inventory Management and Logistics

3 Simple steps:

  1. We set you up on a Just in Time Production basis, meaning we manage the ordering of your stock. Agree on minimum stock levels. Repeat manufacture. Stock Control is our headache, not yours
  2. We set you up with remote ordering and stock level access through our VMI (vendor managed inventory) system
  3. Through owning our own vehicles we have complete flexibility in the logistic service we provide. Allowing us to back this all up with next day delivery

Order Fulfillment (e-commerce Fulfillment)

Our order fulfillment division was established to offer cost-effective quality fulfillment, collation, pick and pack and international distribution service to businesses that demand both experience and reliable along with great customer care. With the rapid growth of the e-commerce market, we have grown with the increased demands for well-implemented e-commerce fulfillment.

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