Transport & Delivery Service


Stock hold with next day delivery

Our own transport represents the blood of our logistic department. Handling and owning your own fleet of lorries can be an expensive part of the operation, however we feel it is an area we gain competitive advantage

The Advantages

  • Great flexibility in service
  • In charge of your own logistic network
  • Effective planning meaning vehicle optimization in loading and more environmentally friendly route

Information on our vehicle fleet

Our fleet is always being expanded it is currently made up of 8 vehicles, these range from small vans to enable easy delivery to less accessible London locations, right up to 17 tonne vehicles allowing for daily multiple pallet deliveries.  All consideration of sustainability and environmental policy are considered when selecting the best vehicles for the job.

Next Day Delivery

Acting as the blood of our system, it is important that this part of our service adhered to and that delivery is fast and effective.

Through careful planning and a team of people we are able to provide this next day service.  We aim to deliver next day for all orders placed by 3pm.  However if you have an even more urgent delivery requirement we will do our best to accommodate same day deliveries when exceptional circumstances arise.

Effective and fast delivery is important, but we wouldn’t be able to achieve this without our extensive warehousing capabilities and full stock range of products.  It’s important to mention that we stock not only standard packaging boxes and materials but also specific custom lines of packaging for many of our customers.

If you require custom packaging that you need available for next day delivery, please feel free to talk to one of our friendly packaging team on 01491 834000 or use the form on the left.

Online Packaging Products for Sale

We have a wide range of products available to buy online at very competitive prices and rapid delivery.