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One of our best-selling products, these gable boxes are perfect for any restaurant, takeaway or delivery service. Elegant and eco-friendly, these reusable food carry boxes add a touch of class to your takeaways.

Made from 100% recycled paper. 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

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Boost Your Brand with Custom Kraft Gable Boxes

Shape an unforgettable packaging experience with our custom design service, available on orders over 500 units. Add your brand, logo, and unique design, or we can even make your Kraft gable boxes to a specific size. You can add a personal touch with vibrant branded stickers for smaller quantities. Unleash the potential of your packaging today.

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Practical, stylish and reusable, Kraft gable boxes are an ideal alternative to plastic carrier bags or standard cardboard boxes. They offer supreme accessibility and aesthetics, giving your customers a memorable, hassle-free takeaway experience.

Choose from various sizes and designs, including large gable boxes for epic feasts to sophisticated flat-handle gable boxes — there’s a sustainable packaging solution for every kind of food outlet.

Our cardboard takeaway boxes are available in natural Kraft, but you can also buy white gable boxes for an ultra-clean look that stands out.

What Are the Benefits of Using Gable Boxes?

Gable boxes give your food products enhanced protection and insulation in transit. They’ll keep your takeaway food at the desired temperature until it reaches its destination, especially when used with our takeaway food containers.

The gable handle design makes takeaway collection and delivery a dream. It folds to form a tight seal at the top of the box to keep your food secure, but it’s intuitive and accessible to make unpacking takeaways easy.

Once used, they can be recycled or reused — they’d make the perfect picnic hamper for eco-conscious customers! Commercial or domestic composting is also an option, giving consumers a better way to dispose of their packaging waste and benefit the environment.

Deliver Better Takeaways with Custom Gable Boxes

Want more from your food packaging? Adding your branding to our eco-friendly gable boxes couldn’t be simpler. Our in-house team are experts in creating custom packaging solutions for businesses in the food sector.

Whichever box you choose, everything in this collection features a crash-lock base. All our boxes come flat-packed to save storage space, and assembly takes less than 15 seconds.

Plus, they’re suitable for bike delivery. The gable handles fold down flat, so the boxes become stackable, making your deliveries even more economical.

Order Wholesale Gable Boxes with Packaging Supplies

The gable boxes in our online shop are 100% recyclable and made from 100%-recycled contents. They’re a great example of cardboard packaging in a circular economy and are the ultimate sustainable choice. 

As a certified carbon neutral packaging supplier, we create planet-positive packaging for the future.

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