Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes with a few modern twists; Kraft virgin paper on the inside of the box making them food grade with a higher grease resistance to many other pizza boxes, pertaining to a higher recycle rate.

Made from 80% recycled paper, recyclable, home compostable and biodegradable.

If you are looking for something a little different, a unique size or printed packaging, we can produce a custom solution for you.

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Key Features 

Corrugated pizza boxes have become a staple product for most packaging companies, did you know that first patent was applied for in 1963? 

We have taken this concept and made some subtle changes which give it some key new features. Here’s the clever part, most cardboard boxes use virgin Kraft paper on the outside and use recycled paper (test liner) on the inside but we’ve switched this around.  Using the Kraft paper on the inside means it’s food safe and at the same time absorbs less grease and moisture. 

Please ask us and we will provide you with our food grade certification. 

What are die cut boxes and how can they help my operation?  

Die cut boxes are manufactured using a specialist cutter that stamps out the flat size and shape onto the cardboard sheet.  Die cutting allows you to make identical cuts into the board numerous times, each time getting the exact same cut.  Intricate designs can be produced using the die cut method including fittings with small incisions and cut-outs.

Each time a die cutting tool is produced for a particular size or shape of box, there is a cost associated with this.  By offering a good range of die cut boxes, are aim is to maximise the use of our stocked boxes and minimise your need for a custom-made box with the associated set up costs.

Our pizza boxes are perfect for all foods from pizza and flatbreads to crepes and more. Made from single wall corrugated cardboard, they are compact and durable with a self-locking design. These boxes come unassembled as one piece of cardboard – making them easy and quick to assemble.

Storage and Accreditation

Our storage facilities hold an AA rating for BRC accreditation meaning our stock is stored in a warehouse than can maintain the food grade standard.

We shrink wrap the pizza boxes during the manufacturing process in bundles of either 100 or 200, keeping them protected and maintaining hygiene.

Although all our products are plastic free, unfortunately at this stage we don’t have a plastic free option for our shrink wrap, it can however be recycled, and we will update this process to a more eco-friendly alternative as soon as this is available in the market.

Packaging Without a Guilty Conscience 

This product is 100% recyclable and made from 80% recycled content, a great example of cardboard and the circular economy, the naturally sustainable choice.

Did you know, across the 28 countries of the EU, the recycling rate for paper and cardboard packaging waste has recached 85.8%?  That’s the highest in the study history and the largest of all packaging materials analysed.

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In the late 1970s, two friends and colleagues, Tim Allen and Stewart Middleton saw a gap in the market for a different type of packaging supplier. At the time, other businesses were selling custom made boxes and stocking packaging consumables, but Tim and Stewart wanted to offer more than that. They wanted to give their clients additional services, such as warehouse storage and the ability to have their packaging delivered as and when it was required. Packaging Supplies was established, and the rest is history.

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