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Delivering Packaging Products & Services For Over 36 years

Packaging Supplies have been supplying industries in the UK and Europe with packaging materials and corrugated custom boxes for over 36 years. Our emphasis is on custom cardboard boxes & custom carton board packaging as well as supplying general warehouse consumables.

Seasonal Packaging

Internal fittings, window patching, spot UV, embossing & foil blocking all available

New Ecoware range of takeaway food packaging

100% Compostable & biodegradable


High quality, printed retail packaging. Various printing styles & finishes available.

Custom Packaging


From custom boxes through to custom printed retail and gift packaging. We provide all of the packaging materials to protect and uniquely present your products.

Stock Management & Design Services


Whether you are well versed in packaging or starting your first packaging project, we have the knowledge to educate you and walk you through the process.

Packaging Solutions & Logistics


Custom Box Design

Full packaging design services. Custom boxes and other custom packaging solutions. We can take your product or range of products and design a packaging solution perfect for not only presentation but also giving it the protection it deserves to arrive in perfect condition.

Inventory Management & Logistics

Packaging Supplies offer a full stock holding and call off delivery service. We have extensive warehousing available for both stock packaging boxes, packaging materials, custom boxes and packing materials, enabling a next day delivery service. With our remote stock checking and ordering system, you can keep abreast of your packaging at all times.

Print Flexibility

Full range of printing capabilities to produce custom packaging boxes and printed cardboard boxes. Let us advise on the best printing solution for your packaging and your budget. As well as custom printed boxes we can also print other packaging materials such as custom polythene products and tape.

Protective Packaging

We offer a wide range of protective packaging products in our online packaging shop and as custom packaging solutions. Packaging materials include foam, polystyrene and corrugated inserts, corner and edge protectors, Korvu Packaging and void fill systems such as loosefill and paper nuts.

Packaging Shop

Comprehensive packaging shop with next day delivery. Products include Packing Boxes, Moving Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Custom Boxes, Packaging Materials, Packaging Supplies, Postal Boxes, Mailing Boxes, Postal Packaging, Protective Packaging, Packaging Solutions, Packaging Tape, Stretch Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Bubble Rolls and all Packaging Machinery.

Packaging Supplies - Latest News

Reusable Cardboard & Paper Packaging Ideas

Although cardboard packaging is both recyclable and one of the most sustainable packaging materials available, wouldn’t it be good if we could design more packaging that could be re-used several times, before it’ goes off to be recycled?


Does your product need Retail Ready or Shelf Ready Packaging?

If you are looking to source Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) or Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), Packaging Supplies have an experience team that can walk you through the process. Here you can find out what qualifies as RRP or SRP and what you need to think about when considering this type of packaging for your retail product.


Circular Economy Package - What does it mean for the future of Packaging Design?

Following the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy Package, an international tool is being developed for guidance on all future packaging design. It covers the entire supply chain of the packaging industry and focuses on sustainable packaging design, as well as the recyclable design of packaging systems for all contributors along the chain.