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Packaging Supplies has been supplying industries in the UK and Europe with packaging materials and corrugated custom boxes for over 36 years. Our emphasis is on custom cardboard boxes and custom carton board packaging as well as supplying general warehouse consumables.

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Our Custom Packaging

From custom boxes through to custom printed retail and gift packaging.
We provide all of the packaging materials to protect and uniquely present your products

Custom cardboard box for food packaging.
Custom box for retail packaging.
Protective Packaging
eco friendly takeaway cup

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Case Studies

box packaging with polystyrene peanuts inside

What Are the Best Packaging Materials for Shipping?

This is how to ensure your products get from A to B without a hint of damage Packaging can’t just look pretty. It must also protect your products, to ensure they get from one place to another without any damage. When this is overlooked, customers get frustrated, your reputation is damaged and you might not…

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a selection of bespke ecommerce packaging solutions.

Attract Customers with Bespoke E-commerce Packaging

When it comes to making more sales, bespoke E-Commerce packaging can make all the difference When it comes to E-Commerce, businesses today need to grasp every opportunity to stand out and gain an advantage. More than ever, customers care about brands. They want to be part of a brand’s community, to enjoy a message and…

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Feature image for 5 Emerging Trends in Food Packaging blog post

5 Emerging Trends in Food Packaging

Let’s explore emerging trends in food packaging and what changes we can expect in our industry in the years to come. Just like any other industry, the food packaging world is subject to change and trends — all for the better. Whatever we can do to better engage with our customers, improve our service and…

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Feature image for Alternatives to Plastic Packaging for Food blog post.

5 Alternatives to Plastic Packaging for Food

With plastic packaging falling out of favour, what alternatives to plastic packaging are best for food? As business owners, you will appreciate the growing importance of minimising our impact on the environment. Recently, single-use plastic has come under fire, and since Sir David Attenborough’s Green Planet documentary, the public at large cares about packaging and…

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