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Packaging Supplies has been supplying industries in the UK and Europe with packaging materials and corrugated custom boxes for over 36 years. Our emphasis is on custom cardboard boxes and custom carton board packaging as well as supplying general warehouse consumables.

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Our Custom Packaging

From custom boxes through to custom printed retail and gift packaging.
We provide all of the packaging materials to protect and uniquely present your products

Custom cardboard box for food packaging.
Custom box for retail packaging.
Protective Packaging
eco friendly takeaway cup

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Case Studies

Feature image for UK Food Packaging Symbols blog post

Food Packaging Symbols and What They Mean (UK)

There is an overwhelming number of packaging symbols out there today. They’re important for several reasons — but what do these food packaging signs mean? Food packaging today usually comes emblazoned with dozens of symbols. They might look familiar, but how many of these symbols do you actually understand? To help you navigate this often…

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Biodegradable and compostable packaging logo.

What Are the Benefits of Compostable Packaging?

We’re all concerned with our carbon footprint and packaging waste. But what are the real social, environmental and business benefits of compostable packaging? We already know how packaging design can boost sales and give you an opportunity to showcase your brand and core values. But there are so many considerations and elements to consider when…

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Customer experience concept photo for effective product packaging.

Do Customers Care about Your Product’s Packaging?

Let’s explore the importance of product packaging. How much do customers really care? What are their top concerns? Each year, 95% of new products fail. That’s an incredible statistic —- and a bleak one if you’re putting everything into getting your product off the ground. So what separates the winners from the losers? Why do…

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5 Chocolate Box Packaging Ideas for Easter

The days are getting longer and brighter, Easter is just around the corner and people everywhere are buying chocolate. Here are some beautiful chocolate box packaging ideas to inspire you Easter is a time for celebration, for rebirth, for celebration. Of course, it’s also a time for chocolate! We don’t know quite how chocolate has…

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