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Shelf Ready Packaging

Custom Printed Packaging Solutions for Retail

Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) and Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) are integral to the retail experience. Supermarkets, shops and other retail outlets display an extensive range of product lines, so how can you make your products stand out?

With custom-made shelf-ready packaging, you can maximise supply chain efficiency, keep shelves stocked with your products and promote your brand.

How to Use Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)

Shelf-ready packaging boxes are delivered directly to retailers readily stocked with your products. It comprises outer transit packaging and your pre-packaged products within. A simple tear-away section is included to help retailers restock their shelves and display products efficiently. 

This kind of packaging is placed directly onto the shelves of shops and supermarkets, but it also needs to protect your goods in transit. Since it’s multi-purpose, there are several important design considerations to make.

If you’re looking to connect with potential customers, high-quality shelf-ready packaging is a vital aspect of your product’s marketing. Shelf-ready packaging can do more than collate your products, it presents an opportunity for promotion and consumer engagement.

Bespoke Solutions from Expert Shelf Ready Retail Packaging Suppliers

As expert shelf-ready packaging suppliers, we can create retail-ready packaging solutions that make it easy for retailers to identify, display and dispose of responsibly. We’ve helped numerous brands create custom-printed SRP boxes that are practical, accessible and recyclable.

  • Protect your product in transit and storage
  • Easily identify your brand and product
  • Replenish stocks simply and efficiently
  • Promote your products on shop shelves
  • Fully recyclable after use.

With our shelf-ready packaging, you can increase brand awareness and help stores replenish stocks faster, meaning you can sell more products and generate more revenue. We’ll help you improve your product’s visibility with our premium-quality printing options and focus on accessible design, including clear labelling and perforated edges.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) — or Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) — is packaging specifically designed to be easily transported, stored, and displayed on retailer’s shelves without repackaging. It enhances efficiency in the supply chain and simplifies the stocking process.

SRP boxes offer several benefits, including quicker shelf restocking, reduced handling time, improved product visibility, enhanced brand recognition, and the potential to reduce packaging waste by eliminating the need for secondary packaging.

We’ve helped countless brands select the right materials, unit quantities, designs and printing options for their retail packaging. No matter your audience or brand identity, we can help align your packaging with your vision. We can even incorporate interactive elements like QR codes.

Yes, pretty much! We’ve created SRP display boxes for various products across different industries, including food, drinks, cosmetics, beauty and electronics. Shelf-ready packaging is most commonly used for fast-moving consumer goods, but we can easily tailor a solution to suit your requirements.

Yes. It eliminates the need for secondary packaging, therefore reducing packaging waste. We design our SRP boxes to be recyclable, making it easy for retailers to dispose of the packaging responsibly after use.

In many cases, yes. While there might be an initial investment in designing and producing Shelf Ready Packaging, it can increase sales and make your brand’s products a favourable choice among your competitors. These gains can significantly outweigh your initial investment, but we can produce SRP boxes in quantities that suit your budget.

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