Cardboard Produce Trays

Sturdy cardboard produce trays suitable for fresh food items. Popular with grocers, farm shops, bakeries, market traders and more. They can be used to store, display or transport fresh produce and different products.

Made from 80% recycled paper, 100% recyclable, home compostable and biodegradable.

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Get the Perfect Fit with Our Custom Design Service

Tailor your cardboard produce trays to any size or board grade and accommodate your items perfectly. Whether you need a stronger tray to stand up to the challenge or a larger size to fit all your produce, we can create a custom solution on orders over 2,000 units. Elevate your packaging with personalised trays designed just for your needs.

Learn More About Our Cardboard Trays

All of the cardboard produce trays we stock have pre-cut hand holes and a non-slip lip on top, making handling and stacking simple. The trays are supplied flat-packed for ease of storage and can be constructed in less than 30 seconds.

These trays are very popular with retailers and wholesalers alike. Our cardboard trays can be used safely with fresh produce — they’re suitable for all sorts of lightweight items, including fruit, vegetables, flowers, bread, pastries and cakes.

Sometimes referred to as cardboard hamper trays or bakery trays, our cardboard trays are incredibly versatile thanks to their wide bases that leave plenty of room to be filled. The cardboard flaps keep the contents safe but easy to access in storage or on display. Deliveries of fresh produce are also simple — the trays are easily stackable and can be reused.

Advantages of Die-Cut Cardboard Produce Trays

Our cardboard produce trays are die-cut. They’re manufactured using a specialist cutter that stamps the flat size and shape onto the cardboard sheet. The die-cutting method is incredibly accurate, making identical cuts into the cardboard numerous times. This allows us to produce intricate cardboard packaging at scale, meaning you get packaging that will never let you down.

These cardboard produce trays fold and lock into shape and are made from one piece of die-cut corrugated board. This adds extra layers of protection to each side without the need for packing tape

The sides come with carrying handles, making them easy to pick up and move when needed. Each tray has locking tabs that allow them to slot together when stacked vertically, offering more stability..

Cardboard Packaging for Eco-Conscious Businesses

As a certified carbon-neutral company, we’re focused on creating a better planet for everyone. Everything in this collection is 100% recyclable and made from 80% recycled content, a great example of cardboard and the circular economy. It’s also carbon neutral, helping you cut your carbon footprint.

Plus, our storage facilities hold an AA rating for BRC accreditation — our warehouses uphold the highest standards for safe storage.