80% Recycled Contents
Plastic Free
Sustainably Sourced
Verified Carbon Neutral

601x502x79mm Cardboard Bakery Tray

Our sturdy cardboard produce trays are supplied with pre-cut hand holes and a non-slip lip, making handling, and stacking easier. Suitable for all types of bakery food and other lightweight items.

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80% Recycled Contents
Plastic Free
Sustainably Sourced
Verified Carbon Neutral

Technical Specifications

Product CodeCT2
Internal Dimensions601x502x79mm
Material140k/140/140 t B
ColourBrown Kraft
End of LifeBiodegradable, Home Compostable, Recyclable
Recycled Content80%
Sealing MethodLock in tabs
Food GradeNo

Additional Information

Packaging Supplies stock sturdy, single-wall cardboard trays. We call them baker's trays as they are particularly popular with our bakery customers for food items like bread, pastries, and cakes, but they can be used to store, display, or move around all sorts of lightweight items.

Some of our bakery trays are also food grade, so please contact us if your items are to be in direct contact with the trays.

What features do these bakery trays have?

All our cardboard food trays have some handy features which you can read about below:

Hand holes: Our die-cut cardboard bakery trays has pre-cut handholds at either end, making them easy to move around.
Stack-ability: The style of our cardboard food trays mean they can be securely stacked for storage or transportation. They are supplied flat but once assembled, the cardboard folds over and locks into place, making a flat surface for another cardboard food tray to be placed on top. The trays also have a cardboard lip on each side to keep other stacked trays from sliding off.

Custom Cardboard Bakery Trays

We can customise your bakery tray to a size or board grade. For quantities of 2000 and over, just get in touch with the Packaging Supplies team for a quotation.

By carefully selecting the right grade for your product and the journey it goes on, we ensure the right box at the best possible price.

Do you need larger volumes or regular deliveries?

If you're looking to order larger volumes than offered in our shop or wish to order by the pallet on a regular basis, please do get in touch to speak with one of our representatives today. We can offer all types of support from 30-day accounts to stock and call off for bespoke and printed boxes, all delivered on a next day basis.

We can also custom-make cardboard baking trays to any size or board grade to accommodate your items or to provide a stronger cardboard tray for heavier items.

BRC Accreditation and Storage

As well as offering many food grade products, you can be assured that our manufacturing and storage facilities are up to the job and have AA standard BRC accreditation.

Environmental Promise

Here at Packaging Supplies, we are big believers in the circular economy. Paper packaging is the closest packaging material to hitting this goal, with an impressive 85.5% recycling rate in the EU. This is the reason that we have changed our product offering to be completely plastic-free and focus our attention on paper products which can be 100% recycled.


All of Packaging Supplies boxes - including cardboard bakery trays - are made from 80% recycled paper and 20% wood from sustainable forest. Packaging Supplies are committed to environmental legislation.

Did you know that the corrugated industry is allowing larger companies to lower their carbon footprints regularly? On top of this through selecting experienced packaging suppliers with our expertise and experience within a large range of industries, you will benefit from packaging that will help maximise storage and reduce transport costs. As consumers push for sustainable business practices to be the forefront of business, the service and knowledge Packaging Supplies offered is welcomed with open arms.

The corrugated industry is helping retail companies to lower their carbon footprint. It is doing this by providing well-designed packaging that maximises storage and reduces transport costs. The industry has also seen a steady reduction in board weight while keeping board strength, which in turn is reducing packaging waste. At Packaging Supplies, we have experience in many industry sectors and can assist in providing the most sustainable packaging solutions.

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If you are looking for something a little different, a unique size or printed packaging, we can produce a custom solution for you.

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