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Mailing boxes that give the WOW factor

The challenge for online retailers is to create a “customer experience”. Within a shop there are many "touch" points where you can connect with the customer such as feel, smell, visual and music, but when you buy online, it’s down to the delivery packaging alone to create this experience when the purchase arrives. You also must make sure the goods arrive safely and undamaged.

We have a huge range of e-commerce packaging and mailing box solutions suitable for shipping all kinds of products.  There’s an extensive range of unprinted single and double wall corrugated boxes plus a large variety of brown or white mailing boxes. These are all available to purchase online with next day delivery.   

However, if you really want to take advantage and maximise the customer un-boxing experience, you should utilise custom made and printed e-commerce packaging, particularly postal & mailing boxes. These can have many additional features as well as being a robust medium for sending products through the post. 

How to customise your e-commerce mailing boxes 

We can create a custom mailing box for your online retail shop, printing not only the outside but also the inside of the box.  Other added features include locking tabs for security, tear strips for ease of opening and peel and seal closures.  Additional items such as printed tissue paper or printed sticker closures can be used to further enhance your e-commerce pack.  We can even design bespoke fittings to securely hold your product(s) in place. 

Helping with postal costs 

Using our "Royal Mail Price in Proportion size guide", you can see how your parcel will fit and work in the royal mail postal system.  All our stock range of postal boxes, packing boxes, mailing boxes, mailing envelopes, postal tubes and padded mailers have the Royal Mail postage costs listed against them. We can also advise on the postage costs associated with a custom sized bespoke mailing box.  

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