E-Commerce Packaging & Mailing Boxes


Creating a great experience for online buyers, mailing boxes that give the WOW factor.

The challenge in this area for retailers is to try and create a “packaging experience”. Within a shop there are many touching points through which you can connect with the customer such as feel, smell, visual and music.


Many of these touching points aren’t at your disposal through online purchases so it’s important to create the lasting impression through the packaging and unboxing experience. Which what makes the Mailing Boxes a key part of the E-commerce packaging

Features like tear strips and printing on not only the outside but inside the box as well are examples of features that are becoming common for small brands. The large brands have been utilising this for sometime, simple methods to give you more of a custom packaging feel. 

Royal Mail PiP (Mailing Boxes are broken down into easy categories) 

Through the use of our Royal Mail Price in Proportion size guide, you can see how your parcel will fit and work in the royal mail posting system.  This guide helps the selection with our stock products too like packing boxes, mailing boxes, mailing envelopes, postal tubes and padded mailers. All this is used in the world of e-commerce and picking and packing operations.

How custom you choose to make your packaging is up to you, our designers like a challenge!

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