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Our range of plastic-free padded envelopes is made from Kraft paper, making them eco-friendly and incredibly durable. Boasting 100% recycled fibre padding, which continues to expand with use, our Jiffy envelopes offer even more protection as they go. How’s that for a reusable benefit? 

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Our range of strong and durable Jiffy envelopes is the perfect solution for protecting your products during transit. Popular amongst retailers for mailing computer games and bulkier goods, the lightweight construction of these padded envelopes can help reduce postage costs while keeping products safe and secure. 

Our jiffy padded envelopes offer excellent protection. They are made from quality 90gsm Kraft paper and have a four-fold construction with double-fold corners and a double-glued bottom flap and side seam. The interior is lined with 100% recycled fibre padding, which continues to expand with continued use to offer unparalleled safety. 

Featuring self-sealing adhesive strips, these padded envelopes offer a hassle-free packaging experience. You won’t need additional tape. Simply peel, press and secure – it’s that easy. The strong seal will remain in place throughout the shipping process, ensuring your items reach their destination unscathed.

These Jiffy envelopes come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate many items. From small 132x235mm padded envelopes to extra large 336x489mm options, whatever you need to post, we have the Jiffy envelope to handle the job.

Ordering Jiffy Envelopes

Jiffy padded envelopes are the ideal plastic-free alternative to bubble-wrap envelopes and offer more protection than cardboard envelopes. They can be used to ship almost anything. The smaller sizes are perfect for jewellery, whereas the larger options are great for clothing, car parts and more! 

If you require large quantities of padded envelopes or need recurring deliveries, we offer a range of additional services and support. Whether you’re interested in 30-day accounts, inventory management and fulfilment or are looking for assistance with custom packaging design, our dedicated team are here to help.

Padded Envelopes for Eco-Conscious Brands

As a certified carbon neutral company, we’re focused on creating a better planet for everyone. Our Kraft padded envelopes are 100% recyclable, and the padding is made from completely recycled fibre. As an added benefit, they’re designed to be reusable, and the padding only gets stronger with more use. When they finally reach the end of their life cycle, they can be recycled again.

We’re big believers in a circular economy. Paper packaging is the closest packaging material to hitting this goal, with an impressive 85.5% recycling rate in the EU. This is why we have changed our product offering to be completely plastic-free and focus our attention on paper products that can be 100% recycled. 

This product range is 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled content.

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