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When we discuss packaging design, we often refer to the “functionality” the packaging has, and what must be achieved to ensure your products are delivered efficiently and without damage. Here at Packaging Supplies, we use our packaging knowledge and resources to get fully functional, well-designed packs that are the perfect match for your products.

We will help you select the right materials and box structure for the job — making sure your packaging is tested to provide the confidence that it will provide the correct level of protection.

Importance of Packaging Design

Getting your product delivered in one piece and intact has never been so important. So performance is at the forefront of any packaging or box design service.
In this modern digital world, the end customer is king — and social media gives them an instant power over businesses they deal with. Any breakages or damage that occurs during transit or delivery will harm your brand’s status.

Advantages of Well-Designed Packaging

There are numerous advantages to having well-designed packaging. The overall box design and consumer experience will be enhanced by limiting product damage, the quality and feel of the packaging and well thought out printed graphics.
Shipping boxes used for bulk palletisation can be designed to bespoke sizes — maximising the pallet space usage and reducing transport costs.

Packing boxes designed around a product will reduce wasted space and quite often negate the need for additional packaging products, such as packing chips, pillow packs or other void fill. This, in turn, helps to reduce the impact on our environment by sending less packaging to landfill.

Our design team can factor in your sustainable agenda by using more recyclable, recycled and sustainably sourced materials.

Our Experience

With over thirty-six years of packaging experience, Packaging Supplies has gained considerable knowledge of box design and have a wealth of resources you can tap in to. Understanding what packaging materials work well and which combinations of finishes or printing styles are best suited for each requirement contributes to our well-rounded, complete packaging design service.

Whether it’s for simple outer shippers or highly customised boxes with internal fittings, we will walk you through the entire process.

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In the late 1970’s two friends and colleagues, Tim Allen and Stewart Middleton, saw a gap in the market for a different type of packaging company. At the time other businesses were selling custom made boxes and stocked packaging consumables, but Tim & Stewart wanted to offer more than that. They wanted to give their clients additional services such as warehouse storage and the ability to ‘call off’ their packaging as and when it was required…

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