Packaging Design


We have successfully designed and delivered well designed packaging solutions across many industry sectors.

Use our packaging knowledge and the resources we have available to get fully functional, well designed packaging. We will help you select the right materials and box configurations for the job and ensure your packaging is tested to provide the required protection.

Importance of Packaging Design

In the age we live in, the customer really is king. The power that they hold with social media is part of everyday business. Any breakages on transit or delivery, will only affect negativity on your brands. It may seem simple but getting your product to their destination in one piece has never been so important and is at the forefront of Packaging Design.

Reap the Advantages of better-designed packaging:

  • Reduce carbon footprint; Bakeries for example have come to realise the rewards of corrugated bakery trays. More trays per delivery, means less lorries and transportation costs
  • How green do you want to go? Our design team can factor in your sustainable agenda. Giving better respect to the environment by using easily recyclable and sustainable materials
  • Over 35 years of experience, we have leant all there is to know about box design. Understanding what packaging materials work well together. What finishes and printing styles are suited for each custom packaging requirement
  • Project production, whether it’s for a simple outer shipper or highly customised boxes with internal fittings, we will walk your through the process
  • Scientifically looking into your picking and packaging speeds, time is precious so let us help your operation

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