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Looking for a fast, cost-effective packaging solution? Our eco-friendly twist wrap mailers are five times faster to pack than standard postal boxes. With various multi-depth creases, you will achieve a snug fit for any product.

Made from 100% recycled paper, 100% recyclable, home compostable and biodegradable.

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Custom Twist Wrap Book Boxes Tailored for Your Business

Make an impact with our custom design service. On orders over 500 units, our design team can add your brand, slogan, unique design or even create a custom size based on your requirements. If you’re working with a lower order count, why not add branded stickers instead? These are great ways to add a cost-effective, personalised touch.

Learn More about Twist Wrap Mailers

With several handy features and an easy-to-assemble design, twist wrap mailers make a versatile choice for any retailer. They’re ideal for shipping a range of small to medium-size products, particularly those contained within separate packaging.

You can pack products of varying sizes and quantities without investing in different postal boxes or mailer bags, helping you optimise your packaging operation and save money.

What Are the Benefits of Twist Wrap Mailers?

The simple yet clever design makes our twist wrap mailers quick to pack and easy to open. The multi-depth feature can be tailored to lots of product variations — perfect if you have a large product range of similar-sized goods.

If you’re getting lots of product returns, it could be your packaging that’s letting you down. Our twist wrap mailers are constructed with P flute board, providing superior strength and durability compared to cheaper alternatives on the market.

Self-seal adhesive tape is used to secure the boxes, meaning additional tape isn’t necessary. Once sealed, the packaging is tamper-evident and offers your customers a satisfying unboxing experience.

Order Twist Wrap Mailers Wholesale with Packaging Supplies

The twist wrap mailers in our online shop are part of our “Plastic-free, recycle me” range. At the heart of this range are our sustainable values. This type of eco-friendly cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable and made from 100%-recycled contents, all without compromising performance.

As a certified carbon neutral packaging supplier, we create planet-positive packaging for the future.

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