Packaging Printing


Creating better brand awareness for your clients & target market audience

Packaging buyers, marketeers, product and brand managers alike all know the importance of branded packaging. They are always looking to use print to their advantage and help increase product sales. We have always seen printed retail packaging on the shelves in shops, but with the meteoric rise of e-commerce and online retailers, printed box packaging is becoming increasingly more visible. It is now recognised as a further way on-line retailers can connect with their end customers and is therefore now an important consideration when selecting an appropriate shipping box.

The advantages of printed box packaging 

By implementing custom printed boxes and packaging in your route to market, the end clients' “unboxing experience” can be made more positive and memorable.  Furthermore, printing your boxes appropriately and effectively, represents a huge marketing opportunity, giving a chance for you to build greater consumer brand awareness combined with increased loyalty. 

We offer many printing techniques, our print capabilities cover all types of packaging and levels of client budget.  Depending on the material and volume, a range of additional features can be added when printing, to include foil blocking, spot UV varnishes, embossing/debossing and matt or gloss over lamination. 

Lithographic Custom Printed Boxes 

This very versatile printing process can be used on many different types of cardboard and board materials, producing a premium looking luxury, custom printed box.  The print quality achievable is exceptional and photographic, with the ability to hold fine details or tones. 

Flexographic Custom Printed Boxes

With low set up and running costs, this is a very cost effective and popular way to customize your corrugated packaging.  Print options available using from 1 – 4 colours. Print quality is less than that achievable using lithographic print. 

Silk Screen Custom Printed Boxes 

A traditional printing style which produces sharp clean text and images.  This style of printing is mainly used to make custom printed boxes where bold and distinct branding is required. The level of image quality achievable lies somewhere between lithographic and flexographic print but offers great advantages on smaller volumes and simple 1, 2 or 3 colour graphics. You can also utilise special inks such as glitter or glow in the dark, as well as specialist finishes such as pearlescent varnishes. 

Digitally printed Custom Boxes

With no start-up costs, the ability to personalise each packaging piece and offering incredible speed to market for your product, this style of custom printed box is becoming increasingly more popular. It can be used on a variety of materials including folding box board, display boards, PVC and corrugated. It also offers a level of print quality close to that produced using lithographic print. 

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