Silk Screen Printing


Produces sharp, clean text & images

This style of printing can be used for variety of different materials such as fabric, metal, corrugated board, wood and plastics

We predominantly use this type of printed method on corrugated cardboard boxes, stickers and printing onto plastics. Another advantage of silk screen printing is that, because the amount of ink deposited onto the substrate is greater than any other print process, it is ideal for applying varnish, metallic inks, fluorescent colours, glow in the dark inks and scratch and sniff products.


What projects are best suited to Silk Screen printing?

The size of the production run would need to be low or medium in length because silk screen printing is quite a slow process and not efficient for long runs of printed items.

It can however produce very sharp, clean text and images, when used as spot colours. You can also silk screen print 4 colours process.

For the best finishes when screen printing onto corrugated, a clay coated board would have to be used, but don’t worry we can guide your to the correct combinations of material and print.

Future Predictions?

With the constant improvement in digital print quality and ability, we are seeing less room on the market place for silkscreen printing. Unlike screen printing, digital printing has no initial set up costs with the improved speed in market it offers your products, it can be a much more attractive alternative to silk screen printing

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