EcoNutz (Paper Void Fill)

EcoNutz protects products by filling small spaces between your goods and the exterior packaging. Made from recycled paper, EcoNutz are versatile, reusable and more eco-friendly than foam packing peanuts.

Made from 100% recycled paper, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. 

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More Information about EcoNutz Void Fill

We developed EcoNutz to replace polystyrene and plastic loose-fill packaging. They’re like foam packing peanuts in that they’re lightweight and easy to use, but they have several other advantages.

The interlocking EcoNutz are approximately 30mm x 100mm in size, and their shape allows them to interlock as they expand. This provides enhanced cushioning and protection for your products.

We stock EcoNutz in a natural Kraft brown finish, but they’re also available in various colours to match your branding.

Ordering EcoNutz Void Fill Packaging

Use EcoNutz to ensure that your products arrive safely without adding weight to your packages. In use, they expand and interlock around your product to provide 360º protection. This paper-based barrier provides excellent shock absorption and stops the product from moving around within the box, which is essential for fragile or breakable merchandise.

EcoNutz can be used to protect small or large items. They fill empty space in postal boxes and shipping boxes quickly and easily, offering excellent performance over other void-fill solutions like tissue paper or foam packing peanuts.

Our void-fill packaging is perfect for fragile or irregularly shaped items shipped in boxes. Simply pour the EcoNutz in and around your product to fill any available space and seal your box as usual — here’s how to use EcoNutz.

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Paper Void Fill for Eco-Conscious Brands

As a certified carbon-neutral company, we’re focused on creating a better planet for everyone. The paper void fill products we stock are 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper. Our products are carbon neutral, helping you minimise your carbon footprint with every purchase.

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