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Kraft paper sheets offer a versatile and presentable way to package your products. We stock genuine Kraft paper sheets and imitation Kraft paper to be used as wrapping material or paper-based void fill.

100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. 

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More Information about Kraft Paper Sheets

Our Kraft paper sheets are strong, versatile and tear-resistant. They’re perfect for wrapping small to medium-sized items or being used as high-quality paper void fill to minimise space between your products and secondary packaging.

While it isn’t made from virgin pulp, the brown Kraft paper we stock is hard wearing and well-suited to medium and heavy-duty applications, like wrapping postal boxes and parcels or breakable items like glass bottles or jars.

We also stock imitation Kraft paper made from recycled materials, which are an economical and sustainable alternative to pure Kraft sheets. It’s our mission to help eco-conscious brands on a budget to get the eco-friendly packaging they need, and recycled Kraft paper is an ideal solution!

All of our Kraft paper packaging is available in a natural brown finish, but it’s also fully customisable.

Ordering EcoNutz Void Fill Packaging

Use Kraft paper to wrap or package a range of products. These pre-cut Kraft paper sheets are perfect for medium to heavy-duty applications, such as packaging medium-sized postal boxes or wrapping delicate items like glass bottles.

The natural, rustic aesthetic of brown parcel paper makes your commitment to sustainability plain to see. It offers greater durability than tissue paper and a much more premium finish than recycled news offcuts, giving your customers the quality unpacking experience they deserve.

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Paper Void Fill for Eco-Conscious Brands

As a certified carbon neutral company, we’re focused on creating a better planet for everyone. The paper void fill products we stock are 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper. Our products are carbon neutral, helping you minimise your carbon footprint with every purchase.

Looking for custom packaging? We can add your artwork, branding or logo to boxes, bags and more!