Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes

Our eco-friendly pizza boxes feature a few modern twists that help you deliver the perfect takeaway. These recyclable takeaway boxes have high grease and moisture resistance, helping to keep your food hot and fresh. These pizza boxes also provide effective protection with their sturdy cardboard and Kraft construction.

Made from 80% recycled paper, these boxes are recyclable, home-compostable and biodegradable, giving your customers a 100% guilt-free takeaway.

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Pizza Just Got Personal with Our Branded Packaging?

Ready to take your pizza box packaging to the next level? Explore our range of branded greaseproof paper and stickers today. On orders over 2,000 units, we can even print directly onto your pizza boxes so you can let everyone know where to get the best pizza in town. Ask us for a quote now.

We can also print directly onto your pizza boxes from 2000 units MOQ – Ask us for a quote.

Learn More About Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes

Corrugated pizza boxes are a staple product for most packaging companies. The first corrugated cardboard pizza box patent was applied for in 1963, and since then, we’ve built upon this concept, adding some awesome new features to improve functionality. 

Made from high-quality, single-wall corrugated cardboard and virgin Kraft paper, these boxes are compact, durable and feature an effective self-locking design. They come unassembled as one piece of cardboard, making them simple to store and easy to erect.

They’re also 100% recyclable and made from 80% recycled content, making the switch to recyclable packaging materials an obvious sustainable choice for your operation.

Want to know more about what we can do? Take a look at our Pizza Packaging Case Study to see the multiple packaging options available to keep that pizza steamy and delicious.

A Recyclable and Biodegradable Pizza Box Supplier

Did you know that high grease absorption makes pizza boxes unfit for recycling? We thought this was rubbish, so we made sure that our pizza-box packaging would remain fully recyclable, even after use.

Through extensive research and testing, we’ve sourced Kraft virgin paper that’s 100% food-grade, making these eco-friendly takeaway boxes safe for use with food products. Now the clever bit — we applied the Kraft paper on the inside of the box instead of using a test liner, which absorbs grease and moisture, meaning a higher recycling rate. Everybody wins!

As well as offering many other food-grade products, our manufacturing and storage facilities have AA standard BRC accreditation.

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Custom Printed Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are very easy to customise. If you’re ordering 500 boxes or more, you can get your pizza box custom-printed for free, adding some spice to your branding. Simply get in touch with the Packaging Supplies team for a free instant quotation.

Need a particular size or reinforced single-wall fluting for your takeaway boxes? Not all custom packaging needs to be printed to impress, which is why we can also make boxes designed to your exact specifications. We can even make boxes suitable for the freezer, which is pretty cool.

Ordering Our Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes

With free delivery on all UK mainland orders and free tracking on all orders, you can stock up on more eco-friendly packaging for less. If you need large quantities of packaging or wish to order by the pallet regularly, give us a call or drop us an email. We can offer all types of support for your business, from 30-day accounts to stock and call-off for bespoke and printed boxes, all delivered on a next-day basis.

Want to add your branding to your pizza boxes? Go bespoke and give your takeaways some tasty new branding. Get a free quote from our friendly in-house design team and create custom pizza boxes that improve brand awareness, drive sales and protect the environment.

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