Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly eCommerce Packaging

Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly eCommerce Packaging

Sustainable or eco-friendly packaging is the use of packaging which is kinder to our planet. Often, this involves the use of packaging materials that are made from renewable resources like cornstarch or bagasse, a sugarcane byproduct.

With the UK throwing away over 100 billion pieces of plastic each year, cleaning up our act is long overdue. Plastic can stay in our ecosystems for hundreds of years, posing a threat to wildlife and even seeping into our blood as microplastics

In response to the threat of climate change, consumers have shifted their purchasing habits. Now, 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Many businesses are making the switch to eco-friendly eCommerce packaging.

But why, what’s the big deal? 

Let’s get into why you should choose sustainable eCommerce packaging and the benefits it might have for you as a business. 

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Show Off Your Brand’s Eco-Consciousness

Bags - recyclableIt’s official — consumers are looking to side with environmentally conscious businesses. Individuals are doing more and more in their everyday lives to be greener and to live more ethically and responsibly. Part of this involves looking for and investing in conscious brands that demonstrate their commitment to eco-friendly eCommerce packaging. 

Eco-friendly eCommerce packaging can be biodegradable, recyclable or compostable. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly product packaging on our site. You can’t get any greener than that. Look at products like our compostable mailing bags which shout loud and proud about their eco-friendly credentials. Let your customers know that your packaging is easy to dispose of and won’t cost the earth. Meet the eco-conscious demand with an eco-friendly supply. 

Expand Your Customer Base

As people are becoming more eco-conscious, more people are being swayed by sustainable products over their less environmentally friendly counterparts. Those who have never purchased from you before might change their outlook when they see you use eco-friendly shipping packaging or eCommerce boxes.

Ahead of the Game

custom packaging boxesDespite the many reasons to go eco-friendly with your eCommerce packaging, not all businesses are keeping pace. Some are lagging, which is great news for you. Use your eco-friendly packaging to give your brand an edge and to give customers yet more reasons to support you.

It’s worth investing in custom packaging, to set you apart from the rest. Personalised designs can strengthen your brand’s message and drive sales for your business. Give your customers a sense of novelty when they enjoy the unboxing experience you offer and a reason to come back to you again and again.

Please note our minimum order quantity for custom packaging is 500 units.

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Beat the Plastic Packaging Tax & Save Money

In April 2022, the UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) came into effect. Plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled plastic is now taxed at a rate of £200 per tonne

The best way to beat the PPT is not to qualify for it in the first place by investing in eco-friendly eCommerce packaging. 

Mostly, products come swamped in all sorts of plastic void fill, like bubble wrap and polystyrene pellets. Replace the plastic with eco-friendly void fill, subbing out your bubble wrap for PuffPack and the polystyrene pellets for EcoNutz, for example.

Products like our Book Wrap Mailers have a multi-depth feature so that you can pack variably sized products. Having one mailer that can pack different-sized products streamlines your packaging operation. You no longer have to purchase different-sized mailers in small quantities but a larger number of the same mailer for a lower unit cost. 

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Many successful businesses out there are vowing to go carbon neutral. But what does that mean? 

Going Carbon Neutral means balancing out any CO2 that your business releases into the atmosphere through climate-positive activities. At Packaging Supplies, we’ve recently become officially Carbon Neutral. By supporting the Musi River Hydro Project in Indonesia, we’ve created jobs, hydroelectricity and infrastructure for local communities. 

By purchasing and investing in eco-friendly packaging from us, your business can greatly reduce its carbon footprint. This will show your business in an extremely favourable light amongst eco-conscious consumers and demonstrate that your brand is committed to a planet-positive future. 

Embrace eco-friendly packaging and browse our online shop to find your next sustainable packaging solution.