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Plastic-free cardboard envelopes are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble wrap mailers. Sturdy, sustainable and multi-functional, our envelope mailers are perfect for shipping products that don’t need excess packaging. Keep postage costs to a minimum and help protect the environment.

Made from 100%-recycled paper, 100% recyclable.

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Personalise Your Cardboard Envelopes and Elevate Your Brand Presence

Take advantage of our custom design service and make your packaging stand out. Available on orders of over 10,000 units, our design team can add your brand, slogan, or unique design to your cardboard envelopes. Alternatively, for smaller order requirements, we can craft vibrantly printed labels for a cost-effective and eye-catching finishing touch.

Learn More About Cardboard Envelopes

After research and testing, we’ve created eco-friendly envelopes that fit a range of products. They’re an ideal substitute for bubble wrap mailers, Jiffy bags and other plastic-based based packaging — our eco-friendly envelopes are 100% plastic-free.

Not sure if they’re right for you? The envelope mailers in this collection are well-suited to products that need more protection than a mailing bag, but don’t need a postal box. You can ship anything from delicate vinyl records to luxury items in gift boxes thanks to the stiff fluted board that protects your products from damage.

These cardboard mailers expand up to 55mm and will give your products effective protection in transit. This helps reduce shipping costs while keeping your goods safe during the delivery process.

What Features Do Cardboard Envelopes Have?

Everything in this collection of eco-friendly envelopes is multi-functional. The clever design means they can be used as a traditional envelope, but they can also fit bulkier items like rigid boxes

Each cardboard envelope offers two sizes of capacity. The board is designed to open up, giving you more flexibility with the size or quantity of product you’re packing.

Standard Size 255 x 204mm (Expanded 195 x 164 x 60mm)

Standard Size 375 x 294mm (Expanded 315 x 235 x 60mm)

Standard Sizes 445 x 325mm (Expanded 385 x 265 x 60mm) 

The specially-engineered material is made from 100%-recycled contents, but we don’t compromise on quality — not one bit. 

Why Choose Our Cardboard Envelopes?

The P flute we use offers enhanced performance over other kinds of cardboard packaging. It saves 30-35% more pallet space compared to B flute corrugated board and provides ample protection for even the most fragile shipments. Not only will you save on shipping costs, you’re also less likely to receive returns due to damages.

Each cardboard envelope design has been crafted with convenience in mind. The self-seal adhesive strip means your merchandise will be ready for dispatch in under 10 seconds

You won’t need any additional packaging tape either, saving further costs.

Better Unboxing Experiences with Eco-Friendly Envelopes

Cardboard envelope mailers give your customers a simple and satisfying unboxing experience. In addition to the self-seal adhesive strip, the packaging includes a tamper-resistant tear-away tab for ease of accessibility. 

This also preserves the packaging itself, meaning your customers can reuse or recycle the packaging as they see fit. If your customers need to make a return for any reason, your packaging can be reused without any hassle.

Order Wholesale Envelope Packaging from Us!

The cardboard envelope mailers in our online shop are part of our “Plastic-free, recycle me” range. At the heart of this range are our sustainable values. As a certified carbon neutral packaging supplier, we create planet-positive packaging for the future.

Looking for a custom packaging solution? Get a free quote in just 48 hours and add your branding to our eco-friendly envelopes.