Packaging Paper Tape

Most tape is plastic-based, but our biodegradable Kraft paper tape is made with a super-strong rubber adhesive — an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vinyl or polypropylene tape. For an even stronger bond, we also stock water-activated gummed paper tape which is the ideal solution for heavy or fragile shipments. 

Plus, both our Kraft paper tape and gummed paper tape are recyclable, making them perfect choices for eco-conscious businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Best Selling Packaging Paper Tape

If you are looking for something a little different, a unique size or printed packaging, we can produce a custom solution for you.

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Browse Packaging Paper Tape

Seal in Style with Our Custom Design Service

Make a lasting mark with our custom paper tape design service. Whether you want to add your logo, slogan or a unique design, we can help you stand out with every shipment. Start your custom packaging journey today.

Learn More about Paper Packaging Tape

Choose a more sustainable alternative to plastic with our range of paper packing tape. The natural look and feel enhance the overall presentation of your packaging while showcasing your eco-conscious values.

The versatility of paper packaging tape is second to none. It effortlessly seals to various surfaces, making it suitable for all your packaging needs. Whether you’re sealing shipping boxes, bundling items together or securing mailers, you can rely on our paper tape to get the job done. 

Paper Tape

Our paper tape comes in 60gsm and 70gsm. The 60gsm option is our best-selling value and is excellent for general-purpose use. It’s ideal for sealing boxes as it’s pliable around corners and sticks well to itself. If you’re looking for a thicker option with a premium waxed finish, our 70gsm paper tape offers a high-quality solution.

Gummed Paper Tape

For heavy or valuable shipments, our gummed paper tape is the perfect choice. Featuring a vegetable-based glue without solvents, the adhesive in this eco-friendly paper tape is activated upon contact with water and provides a powerful seal. It’s also super strong and tear-resistant, thanks to the additional fibres which reinforce the tape structure. 

Buy Eco-Friendly Paper Tape

Ready to make a greener choice with your packaging and beat the plastic tax? Shop our eco-friendly paper packaging tapes today and make a positive impact on your pocket and the planet.