Shipping Boxes & Shipping Supplies

Here at Packaging Supplies Ltd we offer a large range of shipping boxes and Shipping Supplies which we supply throughout the UK. With our knowledge of packaging, we have built an extensive Online packaging materials shop with fast UK delivery.  We feel that after 35 years we are tried and tested on all your essential wholesale packaging needs.

Our one stop shop not only includes a huge range of buy now cardboard these can be narrowed down into storage boxes, packaging boxes and postal boxes. Also all the packaging materials that you will need to package, store and ship or mail your products.

Here is a snap shot of what we have on offer and available to buy online. As you can see a large and varied range of wholesale packaging materials. Some of our customers prefer to order with a few clicks of a button, for others we offer a more personal service and welcome you to contact us directly by telephone or email. We try to offer a service for all our customer needs and desires with a large range of shipping boxes.

Buy Cardboard boxes:

Cardboard packaging is a big part of what we do, within this section. You will see our large stock range of single wall & double wall cardboard packaging boxes; these are in the standard 0201 style with the top & bottom flaps meeting. These shipping boxes are versatile and used for all kinds of shipping and storage, they are simple to erect and quickly secured by taping closed the flaps. You will also see a whole range of die cut boxes which have a more specific function and purpose, such as postal & mailing boxes, gable boxes, book boxes & cardboard trays.

This is only an introduction, please contact our team now for any custom boxes and custom requirements that you have. Custom cardboard packaging is really where we excel, with additional bulk discounts, stock holding, remote ordering and next day call off available.

Postal & Mailing:

Making sure your goods get to their destination in perfect condition is paramount to any business. Where applicable we have indicated the Royal Mail PiP to help you choose the right size of shipping boxes. Use our experience to help you make your decision, for more advice please just pick up the phone.

Packaging Supplies large range of shipping boxes & mailing packaging is tailored to suit every packing, shipping and mailing project. Our range includes small padded envelopes that fit through the letterbox, postal tubes and larger postal & mailing boxes. Having all postal packaging materials covered


Packaging Supplies offer a vast variety polythene bags in all shapes and sizes. As well as clear polythene bags and cellophane bags for product display, we offer grip seal bags and bubble bags, carrier bags for all retail budgets and mailing bags which are essential for mail order businesses. For companies that want to ship and protect a wide range of product sizes we have layflat tubing and all the heat sealing equipment needed to complete your packing operation. Solution for most products to be wrapped before being placed in shipping boxes.

Protective Packaging & Void fill:

Protective packaging goes hand in hand with custom boxes! Each packaging set up is different with many variations of product. Where necessary cost saving can be made to have one custom box suitable for a variety of products. We could do this in a number of ways such as a combination of foam fittings for example, depending on what product you are choosing to send. Find the right packaging material to protect your product, then the right packing box to ship it in.

Let us solve your void headaches. Empty space within a box, is a recipe for disaster. No matter how strong the packing box, empty space is putting unnecessary pressure on the structure of the shipping box.

This aspect of our shop includes, bubble wrap, paper packaging, eco flo and loose fill. These are standard items, which you can purchase from us at great bulk discounts.

Our high quality bubble wrap and bubble bags are available to purchase online, Bubble pouch machines are also available by getting in touch with Packaging Supplies. For those with environmental quotas, we have 100% biodegradable Eco Flo, Tardis Paper and Paper Nuts.

Paper Packaging:

Packaging Supplies supply a large range of corrugated paper roles, these can be used to wrap products to protect them and act as void fill.

Paper Nuts & Tardis Paper is a new & alternative ‘green’ void fill products. By ‘green’ we mean recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable, biodegradable & sustainable from renewable resources!

Polythene Packaging:

As you would have already seen, polythene bags represent a large proportion of our Bags section. Whether it is polythene bags, grip seal bags or polythene sheeting we have it covered. Polythene as a packaging material has a large range of functions, protecting or wrapping product within shipping boxes.

Pallet covers and pallet top sheets both fall within this polythene category and we have all the pallet accessories that go with them such as strapping, stretch film and heat shrink equipment. In addition to this you may want to look at our pallet edge guards and corner protectors.

Stretch Film & palletisation:

This section is centered on palletisation and all the equipment you need to go with it. So stretch film, shrink wrap, strapping, edge protectors and even the wooden pallets themselves. The more professionally your pallets are wrapped the less likely chances that breakages will incur in transit, this in turn will increase the overall positive effect on your operation.

For those more established companies we have a taster of pallet wrapping machines on display in our packaging shop; however these are best purchased by discussing your exact requirements with our experienced team. Palletising is very important to protect packing boxes and product inside, damaged and returns in transit will be costly.


Finding the right packaging tape can be a real headache, we try to make this process easier. Find our Packing Tape guide below:

Guide to Packaging Tape

This guide goes through polypropylene tape, coloured tape, low noise tape and vinyl tape and matches them with the function they are best suited too your shipping boxes and environments. Tape in the packaging world can be made from a range of packaging materials.

Also available on our packaging shop is our custom printed tape; you can’t beat custom printed tape branded with your own company logo as a low cost option for re-enforcing brand awareness.


Strapping has various functions in the packaging industry; bundling products together and securing palletized loads, making it easier and safer for handling goods in transit.

Strapping can come into various forms: polypropylene strapping, PET strapping, strapping kits, steel strapping and all the strapping machines and tools that go with it!