The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Packaging


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Should you buy packaging in bulk? Here are a few benefits of buying wholesale packaging boxes online.

Whether you’ve recently developed a product that needs high-quality packaging or you’re looking for a new packaging wholesaler, the right packaging can dramatically improve your business.

What Is Wholesale Packaging?

Wholesale packaging is sold in large quantities and at a relatively low cost. It can take the form of shipping boxes, mailers, bags, tape, and anything else that can be manufactured and sold at scale. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from buying wholesale packaging as it can improve the efficiency of packaging operations, no matter how great or small. It can also improve your company’s bottom line since it’s cheaper to buy from one packaging wholesaler than to sporadically order packaging online from various suppliers.

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5 Benefits of Buying Wholesale Packaging Online

If you need a sizable supply of boxes or bags, wholesale packaging is a great option. Here’s how wholesale packaging can benefit your business:

1. Surviving Stock Shortages

Having a healthy supply of packaging can help keep things running smoothly during a crisis. Over the past two years, supply chain issues have been rife in the UK and overseas, leading to various shortages across the packaging industry. Buying packaging in bulk can mitigate these issues, allowing your business to continue running as normal.

2. Cutting Carbon Emissions

Ordering wholesale packaging periodically is much better for the environment than making numerous separate purchases throughout the year. Purchasing large quantities of stock reduces the number of deliveries to be made. In turn, this reduces emissions from various transportation, resulting in less pollution. Ordering eco-friendly packaging is also a great way to tackle environmental issues, so opt for recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging when buying wholesale packaging.

3. Improving Cash Flow

As your business grows and your revenue steadily increases, your costs inevitably rise. Updating your practices as your business develops is part and parcel of running a profitable company. There comes a point where it makes sense to make your packaging purchases more strategic — this is where wholesale packaging can help you manage your cash flow. When buying packaging in bulk at regular intervals, you’ll know exactly how much your packaging costs will be weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

4. Saving Time and Effort

Seeking out the best packaging deals month on month can be exhausting. You can save time and effort by automating your packaging supply to arrive as you see fit. Using a reliable packaging wholesaler with a vast selection of packaging means you can order everything you need from one supplier. This further reduces costs and enhances your packaging operation.

5. Enhancing the Customer Experience

You can greatly improve brand awareness, loyalty and advocacy with eye-catching custom packaging. While standard packaging has many eco-friendly qualities and a natural aesthetic appeal, a custom solution can dramatically improve your investment in wholesale packaging. We can print large runs of all kinds of packaging, from branded eCommerce packs to luxury rigid boxes and everything in between. Our custom packaging is printed using water or vegetable-based inks on naturally biodegradable materials, making it ideal for eco-conscious businesses.

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Buying Wholesale Boxes from Packaging Supplies

At Packaging Supplies, we offer a range of services to help your packaging operation run as smoothly as possible. From packaging design and printing to inventory management and fulfilment, we’ve got you covered. 

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