5 Surprising Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging


Find out how biodegradable packaging is changing the future of eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging has all kinds of qualities. We’re used to seeing recycled and recyclable packaging made from plastics, paper and cardboard, but what about biodegradable packaging? Is it more or less future-friendly than recyclable packaging products?

What Is Biodegradable Packaging?

When we talk about biodegradable packaging, we’re speaking specifically about materials that degrade naturally over time. There isn’t a universal metric for measuring the biodegradability of packaging, but it typically refers to packaging that takes less than six months to decompose fully. 

Importantly, when biodegradable packaging has fully decomposed, it doesn’t leave behind any nasty chemicals or other unpleasant substances that harm the environment in any way. This makes it a great option for businesses operating in the food sector for a few reasons. It doesn’t leave customers feeling guilty about not recycling spoiled packaging, and it’s safe for use with edible products.

Similarly, compostable packaging — made from totally organic materials — usually takes three months or less to break down into organic matter. That’s why you should always try and opt for biodegradable shopping bags since they take significantly less time to degrade than plastic bags, which can stick around for centuries. So how does biodegradable packaging stack up against other forms of packaging products?

Is Biodegradable Packaging Better than Recyclable Packaging?

Recyclable packaging is great, but only if businesses and consumers recycle in the first place. It’s been reported that only 10% of the total plastic ever produced has been recycled

That’s staggering when you consider that, as a species, we’ve created nearly seven billion tonnes of plastic since mass-production began in the 1950s. That means around five billion tonnes of plastic have been sent straight to landfill or left in the natural environment, creating no end of nightmarish, planet-wide problems. So what does biodegradable packaging have to offer in comparison?

The Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging

Our biodegradable packaging has several advantages that put it far ahead of other packaging products in terms of versatility, functionality and eco-friendliness. The biodegradable packaging we can supply is:

1. Less Harmful to Produce

You can recycle natural materials like cardboard to make more biodegradable packaging. This means that less energy is required in creating new packaging products, helping you become a much greener business as a result.

2. Preserves Natural Resources

As energy is saved in producing recycled, biodegradable packaging, its creation also preserves the planet’s dwindling resources. Biodegradable materials aren’t made from crude oil, unlike plastic packaging. Instead, renewable sources and managed forests are used to make the materials required to create biodegradable packaging.

3. Safe for Humans to Use

Biodegradable, food-grade packaging and compostable packaging are perfectly safe for use in the food and beverage industry. As harmful chemicals are omitted from the production and manufacturing process, the packaging won’t leach into customers’ food unwittingly. In contrast, some forms of plastic takeaway packaging can be hazardous to health.

4. Benefits the Environment

Biodegradable packaging protects the environment and benefits it. When biodegradable matter breaks down, it feeds all manner of microorganisms, fungi and bacteria. This creates a harmonious loop, allowing nature to reclaim the materials we’ve benefited from.

5. Enhances the Customer Experience

There’s nothing worse for consumers than non-recyclable, non-biodegradable packaging. Now, you can give your customers an eco-friendly solution that can be recycled or thrown away in general waste without causing undue harm to the environment.

Should You Use Biodegradable Packaging?

The best packaging has multiple planet-positive properties. At Packaging Supplies, we stock products that tick all the right boxes. As the UK’s first plastic-free packaging supplier, all of our products are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. This gives you and your customers every opportunity to provide you with the greenest experience possible.

Could biodegradable packaging be beneficial to your business? Get a free custom design quote for bespoke, biodegradable packaging or pick out the perfect eco-friendly products from our online shop today.