How to Master the Unboxing Experience

Custom Cardboard Boxes Candid - Master Unboxing

The unboxing experience is a crucial element of your packaging and marketing strategy. Learn how to master the process with Packaging Supplies.


You’ve probably seen them, and you’ve definitely heard of them. Videos of influencers and reviewers unpacking items from various companies are everywhere. Sometimes used as part of a paid promotional partnership, these unboxing videos can be a few seconds to several minutes in duration. They offer a mix of eye-catching promotional content and detailed, hands-on action with a given product.

When used to full effect, the unboxing experience is a powerful marketing tool. If neglected and ignored, it can see you lose out to your savvier competitors. That’s why your packaging needs five-star treatment to generate interest and intrigue. So how can you perfect the unboxing experience and generate sales?

What Is “the Unboxing Experience”?

The unboxing experience describes the act of unpacking a product from its packaging. In recent years, it has become one of the most important aspects of your entire customer experience. Positive first impressions are vital, so your packaging better be up to scratch to win over the hearts and minds of consumers before they’ve even tried out your product.

For the customer, the unboxing experience begins the moment their order arrives. For business owners, it starts long before your products are shipped. Careful planning is required to create a memorable unboxing experience, so how can you bolster your unboxing experience?

Easy Ways to Improve Your Unboxing Experience

No matter what kind of products you sell, you want to make your customers believe their purchasing decision was correct. Here’s how to make your unboxing experience unbeatable: 

1. Give Your Products the “Wow” Factor

Increase your products’ perceived quality and value by investing in custom packaging that blows your customers away. As soon as your products arrive on their doorstep, capture their attention with packaging that’s impossible to ignore. It’ll help maintain excitement and give them an excuse to open your products straight away.

2. Keep It Clean and Go Green

If you’re not ready to invest in custom packaging, we’ve got you covered. Keep it clean and go green with eco-friendly packaging that’s functional, affordable and highly preferable to consumers. We’ve got plenty of high-quality packaging options that won’t leave your customers disappointed.

3. Create a Seamless Unboxing Experience

Once your customers have taken your products inside, make it obvious how they should access their products. Use unmissable labelling and highlight openings to make the unboxing experience a lot easier for everyone. This is an opportunity for you to get creative if you’re using custom packaging or keep things nice and simple with our ever-popular self-seal postal boxes with an easy-to-use tear-away strip.

4. Don’t Overpack Your Products

Over-packaging your products is a big no-no. Excess paper, cardboard and plastic inside your packages are perceived as a huge waste by consumers, whose responsibility it is to dispose of the packaging materials. Make sure your products are protected, but don’t overstep the mark — you might end up receiving some negative customer feedback.

5. Make Returns Simple and Hassle-Free

Free shipping and returns are important to online shoppers. If your consumers have a change of heart — even after you’ve wowed them with your fantastic packaging — they’ll want to return your products without any fuss. Make sure your packaging can be reused so that consumers aren’t left looking for a suitable box or bag to return their items in. 

Bonus Tip: Giving customers packaging that can be reused benefits you and the planet. It’ll increase the efficiency of your returns process as properly packaged returns are less likely to be damaged in transit. It also means that more packaging isn’t required for customers to make a return.

What about Unboxing Videos?

Once you’ve put together a thrilling unboxing experience for your products, you can start looking at ways to promote your merchandise via unboxing videos. Depending on who they’re posted and presented by, they can amass millions of views, making them an attractive prospect for your business if you get your strategy right. 

Do some research and reach out to some notable media and popular culture figures — including influencers and expert reviewers — to create unboxing videos for your products. This is a format that’s proven successful for countless businesses, and you could get in on the action too.

Does Your Unboxing Experience Need an Upgrade?

Whether you’re a smart-tech start-up, a health and beauty business, or anything in between, improving your unboxing experience can massively boost your business. Customers want to know that they’re valued, and expertly crafted packaging that makes the unboxing experience unforgettable is the perfect way to tell them their business is appreciated. 

You can also boost your online presence with unboxing videos that highlight your incredible unboxing experience, enticing potential customers and help undecided customers make informed decisions about their purchases.

Want to up your packaging game to create unbeatable unboxing experiences? Get a free custom design quote today, and let us help you shape the future of your business.