Sustainable Skincare Packaging for Dr. PAWPAW


Nourishing Nature, Eco-Friendly Skincare Packaging with Dr. PAWPAW

British skincare and beauty company Dr. PAWPAW teamed up with us to achieve high-quality, sustainable packaging with a lighting-quick turnaround time.

They needed luxury rigid box packaging, printed bags and folding box cartons. We had to create packaging with eco-credentials and an aesthetic which glowed — inside the box and out. 

How It Began with Dr. PAWPAW Lip Balm

Dr. PAWPAW is a hair and skincare brand founded by Johnny Paterson in 2011. Inspired by his grandfather’s use of Pawpaw, a fruit from Australia, Paterson launched the brand with a multi-purpose Dr. PAWPAW lip balm. Since then, Dr Paw Paw has become known for its innovative products and natural ingredients, offering a wide range of hair and skin care solutions that are loved for their effectiveness and commitment to using natural ingredients.

The global natural skincare market is vast, reflecting significant growth driven by increased consumer demand for safe, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly products. The natural skin and hair care industry encompasses a wide range of products made from natural ingredients, with consumers seeking brands that prioritise sustainability and transparency. 

Sustainable Skincare Packaging Experts

It made sense that Dr. PAWPAW chose to work with us, given their reputation for using sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Dr. PAWPAW is committed to a greener future and improving the lives of others through their philanthropic efforts. Packaging Supplies are also dedicated to a sustainable future, creating jobs and building infrastructure for the River Musi Project in Indonesia, offsetting our carbon emissions. 

Find out more about how we became an officially carbon-neutral company. 

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How We Helped Dr. PAWPAW 

When Dr. PAWPAW first approached us, they were starting out as a small family business before becoming the multi-award-winning brand we know today.

After an initial consultation, our sales team found we could improve aspects of their packaging and achieve the following goals:

  • Replace plastic packaging with eco-friendly, plastic-free and sustainable materials.
  • Reduce the overall amount of packaging material needed generally. 
  • Streamline the packing process through superior, practical designs to reduce overall packing time. 

The first order was a round of tuck-in folding cartons. Folding cartons are made from rigid, low-density Folding Box Board (FBB). It’s an ideal surface to print custom designs on and can be easily manipulated into various shapes and structures. It was a relatively low quantity to be sold on EasyJet flights. 

Things started shifting quickly. 

Dr. PAWPAW sold a year’s worth of stock in six months. Understandably, their packaging requirements eventually grew, to a wide variety of cosmetics packaging, from seasonal packaging, gift packaging, and shelf-ready packaging to printed bags and boxes. 

Luckily, Packaging Supplies was there to help!

Sustainable Skin Care Packaging Solutions

Luxury Branded Bag 2 copy

Our custom-made folding box cartons for Dr. PAWPAW made the most of the qualities of lithographic printing, an incredibly versatile printing technique that gives cosmetics packaging a luxury feel. We used metallic pearl board with a handy euro slot using a high-strength material that’s recyclable and compostable after use, true to Dr. PAWPAW’s environmental pledge. 

All of the ingredients Dr. PAWPAW uses are natural, organic and sustainably sourced — leaving as little a footprint as possible. Pride of place in Dr. PAWPAW’s design is the nutritious Pawpaw fruit, renowned for its antioxidant, hydrating properties. Clearly stated on the packaging, the metallic pearl board design was part of a charity effort to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. This customer can see that this company uses natural and vegan ingredients and contributes to a good cause. 

Luxury Branded Bag 2 copy

Shelf Ready Sustainable Packaging

We simplified storing Dr. PAWPAW’s packaging in large quantities. We also made it easy for retailers to set up shelf-ready packaging in store quickly and efficiently. In addition, we saved space by simplifying storage in our warehouse, which is just one of our many additional services.

Lithographic Printed Packaging for Beauty Products

Luxury Branded Bag 2 copy

Sustainable skincare packaging was just the beginning with Dr. PAWPAW. Their increasing popularity extended their sights to retail. And what better way to stand out than a custom, lithographically printed bag like this? 

We collaborated with Dr. PAWPAW to show off their new “YOUR gorgeous SKIN” vegan collection. Lithographic printing produces fantastic colour consistency and reproduction for sharp, high-definition detailing. Rather than litho-laminating the bags, they’re varnished instead which allows them to be recyclable. Suitable for all skin types, the colourful rainbow packaging indicates variety and diversity. Smartly, Dr. PAWPAW has also put a link to their social media handle, as they know something key about branded packaging. 

Find out more about our custom-printed bags.

The design of your carrier bag matters more than you think. It’s a walking advert for your brand, and what better way to do it than with captivating graphics and stylised fonts? 

Another stand-out packaging success was our gift boxes for Dr. PAWPAW. Premium packaging, like luxury rigid boxes, can give any product a sophisticated feel. Emphasise the status of your brand and provide the customer with a memorable experience. 

Customers will be encouraged to buy from brands that deliver quality products and provide an experience which makes them want to buy from you again.

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Creating Cosmetics Packaging

Dr. PAWPAW’s products are evolving all the time. We produce several types of packaging for them in small and large volumes, depending on their requirements. Over the years, Dr. PAWPAW has sung our praises to many other businesses — a testimony to our exceptional service and capabilities. 

We have a flexible approach to working with different clients. We’re happy to follow specific design briefs and technical drawings, or we can take a loose design concept and guide our client through the design process. 

From material choices to free samples and design flexibility, we’re here every step of the way, or simply help design the packaging around your product for maximum functionality.

We’d love you to join us on your own eco-friendly packaging journey. 

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