Does Your Product Need Retail Ready Or Shelf Ready Packaging?

If you are looking to source Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) or Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), Packaging Supplies have an experienced team that can walk you through the process. Here you can find out what qualifies as RRP or SRP and what you need to think about when considering this type of packaging for your retail product.

Retail ready packaging (RRP) or Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is often the secondary packaging for retail consumer products. It forms the outer transit/display box containing the products for sale and is placed directly onto the supermarket or shop shelf. The aim of RRP and SRP packaging is to ensure the products can be displayed without the need to fully unpack them and to ensure ease of movement through the supply chain. The packaging is further optimised through print, promoting brand recognition and product advertising, encouraging sales uplift.

retail ready packaging

To qualify as Shelf Ready Packaging or Retail Ready Packaging and successfully move your products through the supply chain, the packaging must adhere to the following:

Easy to identify Product and brand recognised quickly via print and graphics

Easy to open Perforated for clean opening without damage, clear opening instructions, opening points easy to locate

Easy to replenish Transferable to the shelf in one step, no tertiary packaging or secondary handling

Easy to shop Product description clearly visible, customer can remove and return products easily,

Easy to dispose of Easy separation of materials to allow for maximum recycling, flat-pack after use

When designing your SRP or RRP, Packaging Supplies can help ensure these requirements are met.

Printing Retail Ready & Shelf Ready Packaging

The printing of an SRP or RRP is used to identify the product and promote or advertise the brand to both the consumer and retailer. Images, symbols, text, numbers and barcodes can all be shown.

The branding on an SRP or RRP is particularly important, and when used effectively, will maximize visual impact to capture the attention of the shopper and create sales uplift.

retail ready packaging

Material & board grade

When designing your SRP or RRP, it is essential to ensure that the packaging is fit for purpose and effectively protects the stock whilst in transit from damage, it should also be stable when being transferred to the retail shelf. Any defects with the packaging can cause costly delays within the supply chain.

Special considerations should be given if the SRP is going through an automated supply chain and if the temperature conditions required for the product are for it to be chilled or frozen.

Retail Ready Packaging and Shelf Ready Packaging can be made from different packaging materials, including both corrugated and carton board. The material choices will depend on the product, its size, weight and the graphics required.

Packaging Supplies have an experienced team that will be able to advise on the correct materials for your SRP or RRP. Samples will always be supplied prior to the manufactured production run, for you to test fully through the supply chain network.

retail ready packaging

Shelf Ready & Retail Ready Packaging types

Shelf Ready Packaging and Retail Ready Packaging can take several structural forms, depending upon your product. Designs include trays with cardboard lids, trays that are shrink-wrapped and perforated tear-off lid cartons.

Shelf Ready & Retail Ready Packaging Size

There is no standardisation with regards to size, which can cause problems with the speed of re-stocking and how the on-shelf space is utilised. It will be important to check with the intended retailer of any restrictions in pack height, width and depth they may have. Some even have a standard structural design format also. With all this information, we can then design your SRP to fit your products, maximise both the shipping and storage, comply with any specific sizing requirements and make sure your product stands out in their retail environment.

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