Lithographic (Litho) Printing


Give your packaging a colourful, premium and unique feel.

This process gives the best quality results of all printing techniques apart from continuous tone or photo reproduction using chemical image development.

Print Quality

The lithographic finish is a very versatile print style; it can take very basic packaging and give it a very premium and unique feel. There are a number of different varnishes that can be used in conjunction with print as well as foiling or laminates. All this mean we can create the perfect custom printed boxes and custom packaging boxes.

What materials can be printed to create your custom packaging? 

  • Corrguated boxes
  • Folding cartons
  • Paper covered boxes
  • Plastics
  • Cellophane

How lithographic printing can benefit you?

  • Attention grabbing graphics on your custom packaging boxes
  • Cost savings on large volume
  • Exceptional print quality
  • Fine detail printing
  • Colour consistency

Learn about the process

The process uses the CMYK four colours process printing techniques which allows you to print most of the visible colour range or gamut visible to the human eye, using just Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks.

This is achieved by using small dots of each of the 4 colours to make up the imagery, then by varying the amount, pattern, size, density and shape of these dots, the eye is tricked into seeing a much greater variety of colours. The ability to add further spot colors into the process, for specific clients or brand requirements, means that litho printing is a very versatile and accurate printing technique.

For each colour a printing plate is made. Each plate is then placed on an individual cylinder within the printing press. Ink is applied to the plate and adheres where an image if present. This ink is then ‘offset’ by direct contact onto a rubber cylinder called a blanket. The chosen substrate or material then comes into contact with the blanket thereby transferring the image.


One of the drawbacks of litho printing is that you are not able to print directly onto corrugated boxes. You therefore need to glue a litho printed sheet to the corrugated board prior to converting it into a box. This process is called litho-laminating.

This is a duel process, first print then laminate, so set up costs can be quite high. Therefore this process tends to lend itself to longer runs lengths of packaging, where a quality print and look is required. Here at Packaging Supplies Ltd we supply litho-laminated packaging across most corrugated flute profiles and even double wall boxes.

Our Expertise

  • 35 years of experience, selecting the right materials i.e. corrugated or carton board
  • Point of sale displays, printed sleeves all other folding box boards
  • Assistance in artwork design and packaging layout
  • Our team is your team
  • Mock up samples where required
We have the capacity to supply you the perfect custom printed boxes or custom packaging boxes just pick up the phone 01491 834000 or the enquiry form.

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