POS & POP Corrugated Displays


Custom designs & branding of bespoke POS display packaging

Corrugated Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP), are a very big part of the retail and shopping environment and a vital promotional tool, designed to grab our attention and showcase products.

There are over 15,000 products in a supermarket to choose from at any time. On average we leave the supermarket with approximately 40 items, 20% of those items will be a brand that we consistently pick. Standing out and grabbing the shopper’s attention has never been so important.

POS & POP Displays - Increase sales during launches

Here at Packaging Supplies we have become very accustomed to working with not just buyers but marketing and brand departments. This means we are experts at understanding the wants and needs of clients who use POS/POP displays. The main points to note when planning and designing POP and point of sale displays include: 
  • Product presentation
  • Storage functionality
  • Transport/logistics
  • Maximising in-store implementation and use of the displays 

Over the past few years we have seen a steady increase in the range of customers looking for temporary Point of Sale (POS) collateral. This includes:
  • Free Standing Display Units
  • Modular Displays
  • Standees 
  • Counter Top Displays
  • Pre loaded displays
If you are new to Point of Sale & Point of Purchase displays, you might be asking what can you achieve by using them?  
A brand that is using this promotional technique will not only increase product attention, enabling them to compete with their competitors more effectively but also tap into the impulse buy marketplace. The greater product visibility these displays offer ultimately leads to increased product sales. 

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