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Point of Sale Display Packaging

Attention-Grabbing Custom POS Displays

Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) packaging are essential for driving sales in the retail environment. Catch the eye of your potential customers and showcase your products with a custom printed design! 

Corrugated Point of Sale Packaging Boxes

We create bespoke POS displays perfect for shops, supermarkets and stores, including Free Standing Display Units (FSDU), modular displays, standee, pallet and countertop displays. Make your products irresistible to customers at the point of purchase with custom POS packaging boxes and display stands, including pre-loaded displays and display bins — we design them all!

We’ve worked with countless brands in food and drink, beauty and cosmetics, electronics and entertainment, and we can help you pick the right POS display to capture the imagination of your potential customers.

Why Use Point of Sale Display Packaging?

Point of Sale packaging can greatly benefit your brand. Not only will it increase the attention your products receive, but it’ll also help you drive impulse purchases. By perfecting the presentation of your products, you’ll make your brand accessible to more consumers:

  • Showcase your brand in style
  • Amplify your current campaign or promotion
  • Effortless distribution (ships flat-packed)
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Affordable wholesale packaging
  • Premium-quality printing options

But let’s address the obvious — shoppers have an overwhelming number of products to choose from when they’re out and about. This makes it harder than ever to make your brand stand out on the crowded shelves, but our in-house design team are experts in creating display packaging that drives sales.

Our POS display designs are fully customisable and manufactured on a made-to-measure basis. If you have the opportunity to boost your revenue with POS display packaging, we have the team to make it happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Point of Display Packaging

POS is an acronym for Point of Sale. In retail, it’s the place where customers complete their purchases, for example, a till or checkout. Locations such as these are ideal for positioning your products, as the right packaging will encourage consumers to make impulse purchases.

POP stands for Point of Purchase. It’s a term used to describe where customers decide whether or not they want to buy something. For example, supermarkets strategically place POP displays at the end of aisles to incentivise purchases.

They sound similar, and they have a lot of similarities. POP (Point of Purchase) refers to the physical location where consumers decide whether or not to buy a product. POS (Point of Sale) refers to the specific area where the exchange of goods takes place.

More than likely, yes! We design POS displays for various items, from beauty and cosmetic products to food and drinks. We can create a range of freestanding displays, countertop displays or POS packaging boxes to work within different retail settings. 

Our POS display packaging is shipped flat-packed and can be assembled simply in just a few minutes. This keeps transportation costs down while preserving the packaging until it’s unpacked.

At end-of-life, you can recycle our POS packaging the same way as Shelf-Ready Packaging. We make our POS displays from corrugated board, whereas our smaller countertop displays are made from folding box board or solid board, all options are 100% recyclable by supermarkets and stores.

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