Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

We use packaging for basically everything. Without the necessary protection, the parcels we ship, the food we eat and the gifts we give and receive would become damaged. 

This creates a problem: with so much packaging being used, where does it all go? Is it affecting the environment? And are there more eco-friendly packaging alternatives?

What Is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging ideas are revolutionising the way we think about packaging our products and sending gifts to our loved ones. As climate change continues to make headlines, more innovative, environmentally friendly packaging options are becoming available to help protect the planet. Read on to find out how simple yet effective sustainable solutions are helping to save the world, one package at a time.

You might not think much of the packaging that protects your parcels, stops your food from spoiling or ships your long-awaited new mobile device, but it’s a hotly debated topic. As one million water bottles are bought every minute, it’s pretty overwhelming to consider how much packaging gets wasted. Most of the packaging we use ends up in landfills –– around 90% of the disposable water bottles we just mentioned –– while only a small percentage get recycled. Barely any of it returns to the earth naturally.

Why Should You Use Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The reality is that a lot of the packaging we come into contact with serves a finite purpose, yet most of it takes years to degrade. The average shopping bag is used by the consumer for around 12 minutes, only to be stuffed in a drawer or thrown in the bin, never to be used again. While some may be reused, they’ll eventually perish, and the remnants of the plastics used to create them never disappear completely. 

As non-biodegradable items slowly decompose –– a process that can take centuries –– they leak toxins back into the earth’s soil while contributing to a monstrous global waste problem. Without more eco-friendly packaging ideas and innovations, we’re stuck with a sizable issue.

How to Be More Eco-Friendly with Your Packaging

You can start to reduce the amount of waste you produce and help protect the environment with our eco-friendly packaging ideas. Whether you’re a business owner looking to tap into the lucrative eco-friendly market or an individual looking for a sustainable way to pack your presents, you’ll benefit from our inventive ecological solutions.

Pick the Right Materials for Your Package:

Plastic packaging is largely non-biodegradable, while some packaging isn’t even recyclable. Polythene bags have waterproof properties, but they are easily prone to rips and tears that could compromise your shipment. Although some “poly bags” may be made of recycled materials, it’s only a small win for the environment, as they’ll still take a long time to decompose fully. Plus, once they’re torn open by the recipient, they’re not much use to anyone.

Consider using reliable and durable materials –– like cardboard –– that are better for the environment. They’ll protect any kind of shipment from harm and degrade naturally in no time at all. Made from recycled materials, they boast considerable environmental credentials, as well as being strong and versatile.

Don’t Use More Packaging Than You Need To:

It might seem obvious, but you should consider how much protection your shipment needs. If it’s a valuable item, then take the necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by using eco-friendly packaging protection. You could also use sustainably sourced and 100% biodegradable double wall boxes, which offer more protection to guarantee the safety of your item in transit.

Use the Right Size Box for Your Parcel:

Using over-sized boxes will mean your precious product will bump against the walls of your shipping box, which is likely to cause damage. A larger box also means there’s more space to fill with protective packaging, which means creating more waste. Pick the appropriate eco-friendly box, and your package will get to its destination safe and sound and without unnecessary waste.

Don’t Use Too Much Tape:

Since you’ve picked the right box for your package, don’t ruin it with metres of plastic-based tape. You’ll undo your eco-friendly efforts as most sticky tape is not recyclable. Stick to your ecological principles with paper tape that can easily be recycled without having to be removed from your parcels when recycling. This will save everyone time and effort, including the recycling facilities that will eventually process and recycle your packaging.

Be Careful When Reusing Plastic Packaging:

You can reuse non-recyclable packaging that you have lying around your home to help reduce waste. But, be wary of reusing old plastic packaging. From the moment it’s manufactured, it slowly starts to degrade. Although it might seem up to the task, its functionality depletes over time. This could mean that the packaging could be compromised and your parcel could get damaged. 

If in doubt, get some new, sustainably sourced packaging that’ll be sure to serve its purpose properly. It won’t break the bank, and it won’t break your shipment either.

Get Creative:

Sustainability never goes out of style. Check out our in-house custom packaging services to make your deliveries unforgettable. Humble yet reliable cardboard boxes speak volumes in terms of their sustainability, so why not give your packages some panache for sophisticated shipments.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Packaging

It’s not just the environment that’ll benefit from your choice to use ecologically sound packaging solutions; your business will grow as a result too. Consumers are becoming more educated on which companies are using the most sustainable processes to ship their products, calling out those that don’t offer eco-friendly packaging.

The future looks bright –– and green –– as Millennials and Gen-Z rank sustainability much higher in their priorities than older generations, opting to buy from businesses that offer eco-friendly products and services. Coming up with eco-friendly packaging ideas for your business means you can tap into younger markets that are, in essence, the future of your company.

Conclusion: The Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

Becoming more eco-friendly to protect the environment in the midst of challenging times can seem like a daunting mission. Our old methods of unsustainable packaging won’t last forever, but you can rely on the creativity and ingenuity of environmentally conscious packaging designers to answer the call. With more eco-friendly packaging ideas and solutions available than ever before, businesses and consumers will continue to benefit from simple, effective and sustainable solutions to the world’s packaging needs.

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