How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping


Fed up of damaged products and customer returns? Find out how to pack fragile items with Packaging Supplies.

Fragile, easily breakable products need extra protection. With so many packaging options to choose from, securing your shipments can become a tricky task. If you want to reduce returns and give your customers a seamless experience with your brand, keep reading.

How to Pack Fragile Items Effectively

Faulty or damaged products make up 30% of customer returns per year, making it the number one reason why customers return their orders. This makes it all the more important for online retailers and eCommerce businesses to pick the right packaging (and use it wisely). So how do you pack fragile items for shipping?

There are a few easy ways to ensure your expensive, delicate or irreplaceable products reach their destination in one piece:

1. Use the Right Packaging

The wrong type of packaging will set your customers up for disappointment and will no doubt result in returns. There are three key things to look for when selecting packaging for fragile items:

  • Materials — The type of packaging you choose will depend on the kind of products you’re shipping. Plastic packaging may be flexible and fairly durable — making it a tempting choice for awkward or delicate items — but it tends to crack or split under pressure. When this happens, the entirety of the packaging is compromised, leaving your precious cargo exposed to the elements. Use strong double-wall shipping boxes.
  • Cost — Cheap and not-so-cheerful packaging is often made from low-quality materials that aren’t suitable for shipping expensive items, nor should it be used in an attempt to save money on packaging costs. This inevitably backfires and costs businesses more in customer returns than the initial saving, harming your brand’s reputation and causing customers frustration in the process.
  • Size — While packaging big enough for your products is essential, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Buying wholesale packaging and taking a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to get you far. Book wrap mailers are an effective solution thanks to their handy multi-depth feature, allowing you to package items of various sizes and shapes safely and effectively.

If you need advice on the best packaging to use, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our packaging experts, who are more than happy to help you pick the packaging for your products.

2. Reduce Internal Space with Void Fill Packaging

For years, bubble wrap has been the void fill of choice, but as the truth about its environmental impact emerges — along with some excellent biodegradable packaging alternatives — it’s time to start thinking differently about securing your shipments.

We’ve stock several excellent examples of plastic-free packaging you should consider, all of which are made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials:

  • EcoNutz — Our most versatile packaging solution. EcoNutz are reusable and similar to polystyrene chips but without any environmental drawbacks that hold plastic-based packaging back.
  • PuffPack — This is the ideal eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. PuffPack is engineered to obtain a 50% better yield than flat paper, helping to preserve the planet’s resources and slashing your packaging spend.
  • NestPack — Inspired by nature, NestPack creates a protective nest around your fragile products and cradles your precious cargo. This prevents any movement in transit and minimises the chance of your items becoming damaged on their way to their destination.

Each of these void fill options has unique advantages, so it’s worth experimenting with the different options available to find the perfect solution for your fragile products.

3. Create Custom Packaging Designs

Bespoke packaging designs are ultimately the best way to protect your packages — and impress your customers along the way. The possibilities are endless with our custom packaging solutions, suitable for all kinds of breakable goods, from bottled alcohol to fine jewellery. 

Custom inserts will hold your packages in place, restricting movement and adding a quality finish to your shipments. Maximising the potential of your internal packaging helps increase the perceived value of your products and helps consumers remember your brand. High-quality external packaging like double-wall cardboard also goes a long way in ensuring your delicate items arrive damage-free.

Want to know how your packaging will perform? Order a free packaging sample and see exactly what your design will look like.

Ordering Packaging for Fragile Items 

Your packaging selection will be determined by the products you’re shipping. No matter which kind of packaging you choose, we’re here to help with a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions for fragile products that won’t break the bank. Our commitment to plastic-free packaging enables you to protect your items and the environment, so there’s no need to compromise on quality or style.

Head over to our online shop and discover a range of high-quality, eco-friendly packaging that’s perfect for delicate deliveries. Looking for a bespoke solution? Get in touch for a free custom design quote from our expert in-house team.