Unique Food Packs for Edible-Wrapper Brand: We Are One Good Thing

Unique Food Packs for Edible-Wrapper Brand: We Are One Good Thing

At Packaging Supplies, we understand that your food brand is unique and deserves packaging that reflects its individuality. When One Good Thing approached us about a set of bespoke delivery packs, for the launch of a new range of oaty snacks – we were excited to get started! 

Our team of custom packaging experts, put their heads together, and set out to achieve the following:

  1. Letterbox sized packs for a hassle-free delivery
  2. Secure, protective design to negate damages
  3. Memorable unboxing for the consumer

Packaging Supplies worked closely with One Good Thing to create two sizes of postal box, one to hold 6 snacks, the other to hold 12.  These two designs can be packed with any of their 14 tasty flavored cereal based bars which will be shipped to protein loving snackers around the UK.

Presentation is everything, so these delivery boxes had to be uniquely designed to protect the food during transit and enhance the overall presentation of the brand.

Packaging That Works Hard For You

Printed packaging is not only practical, it’s also a way to maximise your marketing opportunities. One Good Thing understood this potential and sucessfully used this to their advantage.

By promoting their products both inside and out, using eye-catching designs on the exterior and informative inserts on the interior, every element of this packaging is carefully crafted to create a positive and engaging consumer experience. 

A Little More About One Good Thing

One Good Thing is a brand on a mission to change the way we snack, with a goal to reduce countryside litter and single-use plastic wrapping.  

Founders, Michael Bedford and Kieran Standbridge developed a completely edible alternative to the plastic food wrappers we are so used to seeing on cereal bars.  Their natural snack wrappers are made mostly from beeswax with a special (secret) coating, derived from nature.  It’s a 100% natural replacement for the traditional plastic or paper food wrapper.

Not only are One Good Thing creating a snack bar without unnecessary waste, they make them using 100% raw cold-pressed, low carbon footprint ingredients.

At Packaging Supplies, we actively champion reducing your carbon footprint too.  We are a certified carbon neutral business and we give back to the environment by investing in projects each year that offset our unavoidable carbon emissions.