Crafting Practical and Memorable Delivery Packs for One Good Thing

At Packaging Supplies, we understand your unique food brand deserves packaging that reflects its individuality. When One Good Thing approached us about a set of bespoke delivery packs for the launch of a new range of oaty snacks – we were excited to get started! 

Our team of custom packaging experts put their heads together and set out to achieve a memorable unboxing experience that protected the food during transit while enhancing the overall presentation of the brand. 

How It Began with One Good Thing

One Good Thing is a brand on a mission to change how we snack with an extra goal to reduce countryside litter and single-use plastic wrapping.  

Founders Michael Bedford and Kieran Standbridge developed a completely edible alternative to the plastic food wrappers we are so used to seeing on cereal bars. Their natural snack wrappers are made mostly from beeswax with a special (secret) coating derived from nature. It’s a 100% natural replacement for the traditional plastic or paper food wrapper.

Not only is One Good Thing creating a snack bar without unnecessary waste, but they also make them using 100% raw, cold-pressed, low carbon footprint ingredients.

Sustainable Food Packaging Experts

OGT wanted only the very best, sustainable packaging for their delivery packs, and we were delighted they recognised our commitment to being green. Much like OGT, we’re a certified carbon-neutral business and give back to the environment by investing in projects each year that offset our unavoidable carbon emissions.

Not to mention, all of our products are plastic-free. They can be recycled, composted or biodegradable, which matches OGT’s core values of ensuring nothing is left behind to damage our countryside. 

We’re proud to have a wide range of experience in crafting eco-friendly, bespoke food packaging for our clients, from complete packaging for White Rabbit Pizza to vibrant gift and display boxes for The River Cafe and even takeaway packaging for Love Toast. We were excited to help OGT create their perfect packaging experience.

How We Helped One Good Thing

OGT wanted Packaging Supplies’ assistance in crafting bespoke delivery packs for their delicious cereal bars so they could be shipped to protein-loving snackers around the UK. 

They had three distinct goals in mind with their brief: the packaging needed to be letterbox sized, secure and protective and last but not least, memorable. Here’s how we worked with the team to meet their goals and then some:

1. Letterbox-sized packs for hassle-free delivery

Opting for two sizes of postal boxes to match their two subscription models, we created a smaller box to hold six snacks and a larger one to hold 12. Despite the differences in size, we ensured they were still small enough to fit through a letterbox, allowing hassle-free delivery. 

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2. Secure, protective design to negate damages

We also helped to create a secure and protective design using a custom cut-out to keep the protein and oat bars in place safely during transit and reduce the risk of damage. The boxes also fold on themselves to provide a secure seal, removing the need for extra packaging materials such as tape.

3. Memorable unboxing experience for the consumer

Presentation is everything, so these delivery boxes had to be uniquely designed to protect the food during transit and enhance the overall presentation of the brand. Opting for eye-catching bright yellow with their logo in contrasting black across the front, customers would know exactly what to expect when the little package of joy slipped through their letterbox.

We also love how they utilised all the available space with their packaging. Adding informative inserts on the back and interior helped create a positive and engaging customer experience.

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Creating Postal Boxes for One Good Thing’s Delivery Packs

Letterbox-friendly postal boxes are the perfect choice for packaging OGT’s delivery packs. Their compact size offers subscription customers hassle-free delivery, which we think makes their delicious bars even tastier. As an added benefit, they also reduce the bulk of the packaging whilst still keeping the food safe inside; this is not only great for the environment but also helps to reduce postage costs – a win-win!  

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Branded Packaging for Your Business 

Impressed by how One Good Thing used the power of branded packaging to create a practical and memorable packaging experience? Why not give it a go with your business? Our in-house team of experts are here to help you craft branded packaging that matches your business needs and elevates your brand.

Whether you need custom corrugated boxes for large products, eye-catching custom printed bags for your shop or luxury cosmetic packaging, we’ve got you covered. Our packaging design services are completely collaborative. If you have an idea in mind, we’d love to hear it and help you shape your vision, or if you’re drawing a blank with how you can do more with your packaging, we can help with that, too. 

Reach out to our team of design experts today and get a FREE branded packaging quote in only 48 hours. We’re excited to help you discover the power of custom packaging. 

*Please be aware that the minimum order quantity for custom packaging is 500 units.