Complete Packaging for White Rabbit Pizza


We created all the packaging for White Rabbit Pizza, including corrugated pizza discs, machine-erect retail boxes and corrugated shelf-ready packaging.

The brand needed corrugated SRP boxes as the pizzas were to be sold in supermarkets. Our design ensured the pizzas could be securely shipped and displayed on supermarket shelves without needing to unpack and re-stack.

We customised the shelf-ready packaging box just as we would any other packaging, factoring in all the client’s requirements and implementing our experience in creating shelf-ready packaging.

For example, we created a bespoke SRP box that allowed multiple units to be packed and shipped, increasing the number of units that could be shipped per pallet. This, in turn, reduces emissions per delivery and increases the efficiency with which the products can be shipped.

We also printed clear instructions for supermarket staff to easily understand how the SRP box opens — White Rabbit Pizza’s packaging has a front opening box that will display the retail pizza boxes, giving the consumer great visibility of their product.


If you would like a quote on branded and custom made packaging, our MOQ is 500 unit’s.  Please get in touch for a quotation.