Success to Savour: Custom Packaging for White Rabbit Pizza

Custom Packaging for White Rabbit Pizza

White Rabbit Pizza, a local gourmet pizza brand, approached us for a packaging solution that could match their products’ freshness and premium quality. Understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t suffice, we delved into crafting a multi-faceted packaging strategy that incorporated various types of packaging.

Read on to discover how we helped White Rabbit Pizza craft a complete packaging solution to increase shipping efficiency and enhance in-store product visibility.

The Challenge

White Rabbit Pizza faced the challenge of boosting its packaging to meet the demands of selling in supermarkets. The need for secure shipment, attractive displays, and an eco-friendly approach presented unique hurdles.

The Approach

We embraced the challenge at Packaging Supplies by creating a comprehensive packaging strategy. Understanding the need for distinct packaging materials for various components, we ensured each element received the attention it deserved. The collaborative effort involved addressing difficulties, providing innovative ideas and shaping a packaging solution tailored to White Rabbit Pizza’s needs.

Types of Packaging Used

We helped White Rabbit Pizza create a diverse solution, incorporating various packaging types for specific needs. From supporting pizzas with corrugated discs to providing food-safe retail boxes and innovative shelf-ready packaging (SRP), each choice was strategic. Learn more about the types of packaging and the roles they played below:

1. Corrugated Pizza Discs

We provided White Rabbit Pizza with corrugated pizza discs (available in any size or fluting) to support freshly made pizzas during wrapping and packing.

2. Machine Erect Retail Boxes

White Rabbit opted for machine-erect retail boxes made from food-safe carton board material suitable for the fridge/freezer, making them perfect for food packaging in a retail environment. 

3. Corrugated Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP)

Our team designed a front-opening SRP box for White Rabbit Pizza that maximised product visibility on supermarket shelves. The SRP was customised for efficient packing, allowing for the collation of multiple units, reducing emissions per delivery and increasing overall shipping efficiency.

Types of Packaging Explained: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

  • Primary Packaging: This is directly in contact with the product. For White Rabbit, it includes the pizza disc and wrap, which ensures direct protection and preservation.
  • Secondary Packaging: Designed to protect primary packaging during transit and serve as a display vessel. The retail box for White Rabbit’s pizzas is branded secondary packaging, providing essential product information.
  • Tertiary Packaging: Outermost packaging, which facilitates protection during transportation. White Rabbit utilises SRP for collating multiple secondary packaging units, enhancing product identification.

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Printing Methods

We used high-quality litho printing to showcase White Rabbit Pizza’s branding and product details. This choice ensured a visually appealing and informative presentation and aligned seamlessly with the brand’s dedication to quality. 

Incorporating unique and eye-catching finishes in the design and a cutout section to help consumers see exactly what their food looks like contributed significantly to establishing the brand’s distinctive visual identity.

No attention to detail was spared; even the corrugated pizza discs were branded with a one-colour flexographic print, adding a personalised touch to the foundational element of their packaging.

white rabbit packaging

Find out more about the custom printing options we use to create eye-catching branded packaging here.

The Result

The collaboration resulted in efficient packaging that exceeded expectations. Increased units shipped per pallet reduced emissions, enhancing overall sustainability. 

All materials used in the packaging were chosen with environmental considerations in mind. The carton board material and corrugated cardboard were either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable, aligning with the brand’s values and the broader push for eco-friendly practices.

The innovative SRP design provided easy handling for supermarket staff and heightened visibility for consumers. 

white rabbit packaging 1

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