The Rise of the Subscription Box

Over the last few years, the rise of the subscription box market has given birth to a corner of the market place for many brands that have now become household names. Combining convenience with great branding and social media advertising, means subscription boxes are perfectly pitched at today’s 25-35-year olds consumer market.

Approximately a quarter of UK customers have already signed up to a subscription box service, with 40% of consumers having allegedly said they will join more subscription schemes in the future. Royal mail has even forecast the subscription box market will grow exponentially by 2022.

Packaging Supplies have produced many subscription and delivery boxes for our clients, one such range of subscription boxes were for The No. 1 Shave Club.

The size and design of these subscription boxes make them neat and compact which allows them to slide easily through a letterbox. This is great news for not only the consumer, but it also keeps postage costs to a minimum for the retailer.

No. 1 Shave Club’s mailing boxes are all simply branded on the outside lid and have a 1 colour print to the inside fitting, this all contributes to making them stand out a little more than plain packaging and adding to that all-important unboxing experience.