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Lower star up costs, efficient speed to market, variable date

With today’s technological advancements, digital printing is beginning to encroach further and further into other markets that were traditionally dominated by the older more established print techniques.

Could You Be Reaping the Rewards from Digital Printing?

There are many advantages to digital print. Generally, there are no set-up or origination upfront costs, allowing small quantities of printed packaging to be produced very cost-effectively. Digital printing also allows for several different print versions to be produced without additional origination or set-up charges.

Digital print allows you to print each image or pack uniquely — enabling you to personalise each print within a run, with no additional cost.

As well as the benefits of low project start-up costs, the digital printing service is also a speedy and effective printing process for your custom box or sleeve. It increases the speed that which goods and new products can be sent to market. Marketing agencies, in particular, are reaping the rewards of digital printing for this very reason. Digital printing also allows agencies to produce and evaluate multiple test runs or experiment with graphic ideas easily and cost-effectively. You only have to look at the success of Coco-Cola, Marmite and Nutella’s bottle name labelling campaign — all made possible by digital printing.

What Materials Can Be Digitally Printed?

How Digital Printing Can Benefit You

  • Allows cost-effective production of small quantity runs
  • No setup costs
  • Shortened lead times
  • The only cost viable solution for start-up companies and new product launches
  • Fully printed samples to test
  • Ability to personalise each parcel or packaging

Learn about the Process of Digital Printing

This method of printing uses a basic CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow & black) four-colour process printing technique, but with the addition of “lighter” versions of these four colours. This gives a much larger range or gamut of the visible colours that can be produced. Many machines also print white ink which allows you to create interesting effects and imagery onto clear or coloured materials. Also, you can also print directly to the thicker, heavier substrates (up to approx. 25mm thickness) using UV inks that are then instantly cured under UV lamps.

Our Expertise

  • Four colour process printing (CMYK)
  • Assistance in artwork design and packaging layout
  • Our team is your team
  • Electronic PDF artwork proofs, digital and wet hard copy proofs if required
  • Fully printed packaging samples

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