Need More Sales? Learn How to Take Better Product Photos



Learn how to take better product photos with Packaging Supplies. Entice your customers and generate real revenue.

Presentation is everything. You might have pristine products or eye-catching custom packaging, but poor product photos can hurt your business. If you’re selling your products online — or even just promoting your products via online platforms — your mission is to attract the attention of potential customers, generate genuine interest and sell your products. Since the image is so important, how can you make your product photos stand out?

Learning how to take product photos will give your brand a huge boost, but it’s not as simple as getting snap-happy with a new camera. The eCommerce arena is fiercely competitive, and generating sales in retail stores isn’t an easy task. This means your product images better be perfect, so how can you take better product photos?

Why Are Product Photos so Important?

You can add lengthy product descriptions and detailed specifications to your product pages, but if your product photos lack quality, you’ll instantly lose your customers’ attention. Learning how to take better product photos can pique their interest and greatly benefit your business:

  • Make the Right Impression — Online consumers are quick to judge products based on product images alone. Not only are better photos more aesthetically pleasing, but high-resolution shots also offer much more incentive for potential customers to find out more about your offerings, leading to more purchases.
  • Promote Your Brand — Your products define your brand, and your product images can make or break your product’s success. Whether you opt for edgy, artistic shots of your products in context or clean, crystal-clear images of your merchandise, your product photos need to reflect and promote your brand’s core values.
  • Establish Brand Advocacy — If your products and their packaging look good, consumers will be much more likely to share your product images and advocate for your brand. This will bolster your brand’s presence in the market, enhance the scope of your business and extend your reach further.

The right product images can drive your company’s success, so it’s vital that you know how to take product photos that will catch the eye of potential customers.

How to Take the Perfect Product Photos

As you probably know, there’s a lot that goes into product photography. From lighting and product placement to colour usage and careful branding, there are innumerable factors to consider that will contribute to the perfect product photo. 

Consumers are ready to be swayed by the images of your merchandise, so it’s essential that your products are photographed in a way that shows them in their best light. No matter your budget, there are several ways you can boost brand awareness and generate sales with better product photos: 

1. Create a Plan for Your Product Photos

Get creative! Think about your demographic and what they want to see in your product photos. It’s okay to take some inspiration from your competitors, but also look at globally revered brands like Apple and Nike to create photos that will compel your customers to make a purchase. If you’re selling food and drinks products, be sure to steer clear of the classic product photo fails by supplementing your product listings with images of your food packaging.

2. Use the Right Equipment

Consider what you’re going to use to take your photos. The latest smartphone cameras can deliver incredible results and make an excellent option for anyone on a budget, but a professional camera wielded by a seasoned photographer will transform your product photos. 

Using the best camera you can get your hands on will make product shots sharper, more vivid and more enticing to potential customers. The higher resolution images you’ll achieve will allow potential buyers to assess every detail of your products, building their confidence and establishing trust with your brand. You’ve got nothing to hide if your products are of good quality! Hiring a professional photographer or investing in a high-spec smartphone will help you create incredible product images that will bolster your overall marketing campaign.

3. Set the Scene

Your product needs to be clearly displayed so that consumers know exactly what they’re buying, but it’s equally important to provide enough context to allow potential buyers to visualise their purchase. Using a professional studio can help you achieve crystal-clear images, while you can achieve comparable results with a DIY product photo setup.

Expertly taken photos showing your products in use will allow customers to envisage what owning your product will be like. If you sell clothing, hire a model to promote your brand and make your apparel look as appealing as possible. Alternatively, use beautifully decorated rooms to showcase your luxurious home products. In any case, it’s essential to highlight your packaging. This adds to the customer experience and makes shopping online feel like shopping in a real-life store. 

4. Cover Every Angle

Once you’ve created a picturesque setting, it’s time to offer some real value by going into detail with your product photos. Give your customers something to get excited about with close-ups on unique or interesting aspects of your products, take photos of your product with its packaging and show your product in action. All of these different shots will greatly enhance the customer experience.

Ensure every aspect of your products is covered by showcasing their features, but don’t overload your product pages with images — a handful of high-quality product photos should be fine. You could also experiment with 360º product pictures or even 3D, computer-generated images if you have intricate or high-value products.

5. Touch up Your Product Photos

Now that you’ve got the perfect snaps, you need to edit your product photos to make them picture perfect. Enhancing the colour and contrast of your images takes skill, and you don’t want to ruin your product photos with unnecessary filters, so enlist the help of a professional to assist with this step of the process if you’re not too confident. 

Whether you’re using your photos in your online store or for a new product launch, you’ll need the images to be the correct size and format. This can help your web pages load faster — which is crucial for eCommerce websites — and provide you with images that are the perfect fit for your different social media channels.

Learning How to Take Better Product Photos

A picture speaks a thousand words, and if your product photos aren’t up to scratch, you’re destined to lose sales. There’s an art to creating beautiful product images that grab the attention of potential customers, and capturing the perfect product photo is no mean feat. You need to do everything in your power to make your images a worthy representation of your brand. Use professional photographers and expert designers to create impressive custom packaging that will boost the quality of your product photos, generate sales and help your business grow.

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