Procurement Challenges ̴̐ The right printing techniques for your printed box projects

Whether you are looking for your printed

packaging in corrugated cardboard, folding box board or rigid covered boxes,

you will find there is a huge variation of printing techniques available. Not

only do you have to find the right material to print on, the volume is also a

key factor in finding the right material and printing method for you.

Recent research suggests, one of the

biggest challenges buyers face in sourcing packaging is the difficulty in identifying

the most effective printing techniques to ask for when looking for a quotation,

and this can slow the whole process down.

At Packaging Supplies, we offer printing

methods such as flexographic, digital, litho laminating & screen printing,

which is not unlike many other packaging suppliers and manufactures.  However, if the correct printing techniques are

not used on your packaging it can lead to unnecessary additional costs and

quality issues.

How do Packaging Supplies over-come


Our well-informed sales team are

adept at finding out consumer needs and requirements.  We engage in consultation to enable us to

advise packaging buyers on the most suitable printing technique that is

available.  Factors that drive which

methods we advise, will have taken into consideration things like quantity, budget

and the result the buyer is striving to achieve.

Depending on your needs and wishes,

we can adapt our services to suit you. We have an external sales team that are

well equipped to come to you and meet in person or an internal sales team that can

handle your enquiry over email and/or telephone.  We have a large range of portfolio images that

we can send you as examples, which can speed up the consultation process on a

tight deadline.

As a packaging company, we̴̥ve grown

with the needs of our customers over the last 35 years and adjusted to new

printed packaging methods when appropriate.

To find out more or to get a quotation

on your printed packaging, please get in touch.

Good Luck.

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