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Over the last 35 years of operating, Packaging Supplies Ltd have been supplying a wide range of packaging materials suitable for courier dispatch and pallet load transportation. Through the capability of our online packaging shop, we have a large range of standard stock boxes available, such as our heavy duty export cartons along with all the necessary packing tape, pallet wrap and other essential packaging items. As well as our vast range of stocked products Packaging Supplies’ made to measure service is available on all packaging products.

Transit & Shipping Box Packaging – Stock Box Range

For any company getting your product to the customer in one piece has become even more vital, especially in the day and age we live in, where the customer really is king.
  • Outer-shipper boxes: We have a large range of plain brown single or double wall boxes perfect for getting your products from A to B
  • We also have a good range of die-cut postal boxes with integral lids perfect for safe shipping of all kinds of products
  • Through the use of our box sizing, load guide feature and Royal Mail PiP in our packaging shop, you can determine which stock box is most suitable for you.
  • Browse our competitive prices and benefit from bulk discounts

Transit & Shipping Box Packaging – Custom Box Range

There are many benefits to having your own range of custom shipping boxes these include:
  • Reducing unnecessary empty box space
  • Printing for easy identification
  • Maximise palletisation & reduce carbon emissions
  • Consolidate your packaging box range with multi-purpose designs
  • Select the relevant box strength for your products
  • Reduce damages in transportation
Please see our packaging shop for stock boxes or for any custom boxes please use the form on the left.

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