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Custom Made Cardboard Boxes


Individually designed boxes to suit your exact requirements

Having custom made cardboard boxes does not automatically mean they will be more expensive. There are many benefits to having your own made to measure boxes, also cost savings can be achieved from within your packing and distribution set up. Custom boxes made to measure also lead to increased customer and end user satisfaction.

How can a cardboard box be custom made and what are the advantages for you?

There are the 3 main ways to customize a cardboard box;


When shipping boxes through the courier or pallet network, the delivery cost is paramount. It is vitally important, where practical, to avoid any unnecessary empty space within the box. A large void will lead to the box crushing and your product getting damaged. The simple solution here is to make box to fit your product exactly.


By avoiding unnecessary space in your box, you will minimize the postal or courier costs, which are based on the volume an individual package takes up. This means you get the most cost-effective shipping option, every time. Another advantage in using a made to measure box, is that your product is simply better protected. This will result in it being received by the customer in a good condition with little or no damage, thereby reducing returns.

Additionally, when palletizing loads for freight, it’s important to maximize the space on each pallet and ship as many items per pallet as possible. Using custom made boxes for this purpose, ensures you make the best use of the pallet space and consequently save on pallet delivery costs.

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Grade (Strength of Material)

By adjusting the grade and thereby the strength of your box, you can create the perfect harmony between performance and cost. The ideal is a box that is constructed form a material that will be just enough to survive the shipping journey, without over engineering the structure and building in too much cost. Various combinations of paper weights, fluting and structure can be used to increase or decrease the strength of the box. You can also select grades of material specifically designed for food packaging including when the box and contents is placed into a temperature-controlled environment or distribution chain.


By reducing an unnecessarily heavy board grade to one more suited to your own product and needs, cost savings can be made. On the flip side, board strength can be increased to reduce damages, which improves customer satisfaction and cuts down on replacing items, saving money in the long run.

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Custom made printed boxes


This may seem obvious, but we are seeing more of our customers moving to custom printed shipping boxes and shelf ready packs, where they once used plain ones.

We offer a wide range of printing options for corrugated boxes including flexo, screen printing and litho lam, so you can be sure we have the right solution for your brand.


There are many advantages to using printed boxes. Your boxes can be easily identified for storage and shipping, also your product branding will be enhanced. Printing on the box gives any business that sells online to their clients, the ability to improve the look of simple shipping, postal or mailing boxes and thereby create a more lasting impression on their customer. We have seen an upward trend in printed postal and mailing boxes in recent years.

We also now offer printing solutions for the inside of your box, allowing, further branding opportunities and a hugely improved unboxing experience for your customers.

For packaging that is going directly into a supermarket or retail store, the need to stand out from the competition has never been more important. Printed shelf ready packaging gives extra advertising, directly to the consumers at the point of purchase.

Get in touch today by phone or via the email link. We are looking forward to helping your brand grow with custom made to measure box solutions for your business.

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