Custom Made Boxes

Professionally Designed Made-to-Measure Boxes

Do you need a creative, cost-effective packaging solution? Our custom-made cardboard boxes can help you achieve packaging perfection. Not only can our custom printed cardboard boxes promote your products, but they’ll help protect your goods and the environment too. Made from sustainable materials, they’re recyclable and biodegradable, helping you tap into an ever-growing market of environmentally conscious consumers.

The Advantages of Custom Made Boxes

If you are shipping boxes through the courier or pallet network, minimising your delivery costs is of the highest importance. Using custom boxes can help you avoid empty spaces within your packages, allowing you to reduce costs and prevent damage to your products. 

Using the right packaging boxes can also help you when palletising loads for freight. Maximising the space on each pallet allows you to ship more items per pallet, making the best use of the pallet space and allowing you to make savings on delivery costs.

High Strength Cardboard Boxes for Shipping

By using a higher-grade material for the construction of your boxes, you can create a balance between your boxes’ performance and overall cost. We can advise you on the various combinations of paperweights, fluting and structural alterations that can be used to acquire the ideal strength of your custom made boxes. This can help you save money on unnecessary packaging materials or reduce the number of customer returns by providing you with a stronger, more effective packaging solution.

Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

Are you looking to spice up your plain cardboard custom packaging? We offer a wide range of printing options for corrugated boxes, meaning you’ll be able to easily identify your products, making storage and shipping your goods a breeze.

You can also implement product branding to enhance your product’s visual appeal. Our custom designs will drastically improve the look of shipping, postal or mailing boxes and create a lasting impression on your customers. For the ultimate unboxing experience, we also offer printing solutions for the inside of your packaging, allowing you to expand upon your branding designs, giving your customers an incredibly satisfying experience.

Why not get in touch with our friendly design team for a free design quote and find out how we can help your business reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and perfect your marketing strategy.

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In the late 1970s, two friends and colleagues, Tim Allen and Stewart Middleton saw a gap in the market for a different type of packaging supplier. At the time, other businesses were selling custom made boxes and stocking packaging consumables, but Tim and Stewart wanted to offer more than that. They wanted to give their clients additional services, such as warehouse storage and the ability to have their packaging delivered as and when it was required. Packaging Supplies was established, and the rest is history.

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