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Food Packaging Boxes

Custom Printed Food Grade Packaging for Retail, eCommerce and Food Service

Looking for a bespoke food packaging solution? We’ve developed a comprehensive range of custom food packaging boxes, bags, and more to meet your every need. 

Using food-grade materials and eco-friendly printing methods, we can help you create custom food packaging that makes your food unforgettable. We’ve factored in everything from food hygiene and safety requirements to temperature control.

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Standard or Custom Food Packaging?

We stock standard food packaging — including pizza boxes, Kraft tableware and carry boxes — and we make most of our food-grade packaging to order. Our stock packaging is versatile, stylish and sustainable, but opting for a custom solution is guaranteed to make your food packaging the envy of your rivals.

Need some design inspiration? We can customise food packaging boxes using your existing designs or produce packaging from scratch as part of our Complete Packaging Services. Our in-house team are experts in packaging design — they’ll help you craft picture-perfect packaging, no matter the cuisine.

Custom Food Boxes for Eco-Conscious Brands

Ever wondered why some food brands excel? Expertly designed food packaging boxes stand out on supermarket shelves and make potential customers pay attention. Packaging can convert passers-by into paying customers and make their experience memorable — we manage all this with sustainability at the core of our offering.

We work closely with marketing departments and agencies to achieve the best possible brand positioning, visual presentation and promotional success for your products. Our cardboard food packaging range has extensive options and various eco-friendly printing techniques to suit everyone.

We can advise on the most suitable materials and production techniques for your product and budget, helping you design effective food packaging that promotes your products, emboldens your brand and protects the planet.

How Packaging Supplies Can Help

Demand is everything in the food industry. Some of our clients operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We ensure they never run out of supplies with our next-day delivery service, available when you partner with us.

We’ve got over 40 years of expertise in the packaging sector, allowing us to offer:

  • Industry Relevant Testing — From compression strength testing to packaging sampling, we’ll ensure your products meet the desired standard.
  • Premium Quality Printing — Our various eco-friendly printing options include lithographic printing, digital printing, flexo printing and various additional print finishes to make your food packaging pop.
  • Inventory Management Services — We offer inventory management and just-in-time delivery services. We can monitor your stock levels and automatically restock packaging on your behalf, or you can use our remote system to keep track of your stock levels and deliveries at all times.
  • Retail Ready and Shelf-Ready Packaging — We can design shelf-ready packaging that’s ready to go straight into stores, helping you get your products in front of consumers as quickly as possible.
  • Food Packaging Review — We’ll help you develop a packaging strategy that minimises product damage, preserves storage space and saves time and money during pick, pack and despatch with our third-party logistics (3PL) services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our packaging is certified food-grade, meaning it’s safe for use with food at various temperatures. For example, our food-grade pizza boxes have higher grease and moisture resistance than standard boxes, which helps keep your food hotter and fresher for longer.

Yes! We’re passionate about making sustainable food packaging accessible to brands of all sizes, no matter what kind of food products they sell. Our food packaging products are made using recycled materials and are typically 100% recyclable, compostable and/or biodegradable.

No, we’re the UK’s first plastic-free and carbon neutral packaging supplier. We can help you create awesome food packaging without using plastic-based materials, which are bad for the environment.

Food boxes are available in countless styles and sizes. Kraft and cardboard food boxes make presenting takeaway food simple thanks to their natural aesthetic and inherent recyclability. While plastic takeaway containers and aluminium trays are still popular, they aren’t the most hygienic, safe or sustainable option for takeaway and delivery.

Paper bags and Kraft food boxes are excellent for takeaway and delivery services. Paper bags are easy to customise and have large, flat surfaces to print your artwork, giving your brand maximum exposure at a low cost. They’re also an eco-friendly food packaging option as they’re recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Kraft food boxes can also be used to great effect as they share similar eco-friendly credentials.

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