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We are experts when it comes to custom & branded packaging for food & takeaways!

Food Packaging for the food industry, for many reasons this industry needs some very specialist solutions. These reasons include factors such as hygiene, quality or temperature control for chilled or frozen goods. Demand is everything in the food industry; some of our larger clients operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Packing Boxes, Bakery Trays, Shelf-Ready Packaging or Take Away Packaging

This constant production means there is always a demand for packaging for the food products, whether it is packing boxes or retail ready packaging.  Space and hidden costs in storage facilities are a constant struggle for the food industry. Even more so for those companies that are located in London. 

One example of the many ways in which we work with our food packaging clients is to set up remote vendor ordering and just in time production.  This means orders can be placed at any time during the day or night, for next working day deliveries, and this enables clients to minimise additional storage costs.  This service not only applies to all of our stock range of packaging but also for customer’s specific custom requirements, die cut boxes, trays and any other custom food packaging.

Popular items with our food manufacturing clients are our cardboard bakery trays and packing boxes, which are excellent for transportation. We stock a range of these which are available to order from our online packaging shop.  However, in most cases our customers prefer to have their own custom box or tray.  We can make your customise your packaging by simply changing the measurements to fit your products exactly, or we can print boxes and trays to brand the packaging for you. 

Things to consider

Your average supermarket now carries a variation of 15,000 to 16,000 individual products. A customer visiting a retail outlet usually once a week will select on average between 30 or 40 items from the vast selection on display in the many isles of the busy stores. Standing with food packaging has never been so important but at the same time harder than ever. If it is take away packaging for example, presenting your food in the right way is expected now a days.

How to make sure your products are among the top 30 to 40 items

This industry is very crowded; you need to stand out! To help you achieve this we are continuously working with marketing departments to achieve results in brand positioning, visual description and promotional success. Let us help you drive sales and move your goods faster.

Our expertise Includes:

  • Industry relevant testing: Compression strength testing, giving you reassurance that your product will be fine even under a lot of pressure
  • High Quality Print service; Print selection is key depending on what your desires are we can offer Lithographic printing, Digital Printing, Flexo printing and a variety of print finishes.
  • Local Stock Holding / Just in time service; Managing stock and delivery should be our headache
  • RRP / SRP; Packaging Supplies can design packs that can be placed straight on the shelves. This is fast becoming a demand by the large supermarket chains.
  • Review of your packaging operation and logistics. Highly designed packaging is lowering company carbon footprint. Lowing transport costs and creating fewer trips.
  • Increase Sales and move your product faster
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