Kraft Food Boxes and Trays

The Kraft food packaging in this collection is food-safe and resistant to water, grease and oil — perfect for takeaway food products. Made from food-grade, micro-flute cardboard, our Kraft food boxes and trays are designed with eco-conscious brands in mind.

Made from 80% recycled content, 100% recyclable, home compostable and biodegradable.

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Enhance Your Food Presentation with Custom Kraft Boxes and Trays

Give your food packaging a boost with our custom Kraft boxes and trays. Create a unique brand experience with our custom design service and show everyone where to get the best takeout in town. Alternatively, why not add a personal touch with branded stickers? Showcase your brand’s personality today.

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Fast food packaging gets a bad wrap. It’s time to change that. Our Kraft food boxes and Kraft food trays are super-sustainable and made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Everything in this collection is plastic-free and 100% recyclable, home compostable and biodegradable.

These Kraft food boxes are perfect for all kinds of takeaway food, including burgers, fish and chips, hot dogs, kebabs and more. You’ll find a range of sizes and styles to suit your requirements and package every item on your menu. Made from single-wall, micro-fluted corrugated cardboard, they’re compact, durable and sustainable. They also feature a self-locking design to keep your food items secure.

For everything else, our Kraft food trays have you covered. They’re available in small, medium and large sizes, making them ideal for mains and sides. We also stock various Kraft food containers for sauces and sides, like our stylish Kraft cake boxes that are perfect for desserts.

Food Grade Packaging for Takeaway Food

The virgin Kraft board used to produce our sustainable food packaging is made from tightly knitted fibres. This provides a much higher grease resistance than paper-based packaging and without the downsides of using plastic-based packaging.

Our Kraft food packaging is food grade, so it’s safe for use with hot and cold food served by restaurants, burger joints, pizza parlours and kebab houses. We use high-quality Kraft paper on both the inside and outside of our food packaging, so greaseproof paper isn’t required.

Plus, our storage facilities hold an AA rating for BRC accreditation, meaning our stock is stored in a warehouse that can maintain the highest food-grade standards.

Kraft Food Packaging for Eco-Conscious Businesses

As a certified carbon-neutral company, we’re focused on creating a better planet for everyone. Everything in this collection is 100% recyclable and made from 80% recycled content, a great example of Kraft packaging in a circular economy. It’s also carbon neutral, so it also helps you cut your carbon footprint.

Looking for custom food packaging? We can add your artwork, branding or logo to boxes, bags and more!