Recycling Bins Tor The Travel Industry

BP Travel Marketing by Menzies Distribution, have taken steps to make it easier for the travel industry to recycle their plastic brochure wrap!

Travel agents receive their brochures in plastic wrap or shrink-wrap, which is difficult for them to recycle individually, so BP Travel came up with a trial recycling scheme to help increase recycling and reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the industry.

For the scheme to work, BP Travel needed an environmentally friendly recycling bin which wouldn’t end up in landfill at the end of its lifespan.  They approached Packaging Supplies to provide them with 150 printed trial bins in a strong corrugated cardboard, along with made to measure recyclable plastic bags.

The cardboard bins and bags that Packaging Supplies provided, have now been distributed to the participating travel agents, who will be able to use them to easily dispose of all their plastic brochure wrap.  BP Travel Marketing plan to collect the recyclable plastic bags, which line the bins, on weekly basis and dispose of the waste through their existing recycling process.

Packaging Supplies can help with many projects like this, needing heavy duty corrugated cardboard, such as point of sale displays or point-of-purchase displays.  Get in touch with Packaging Supplies for a quotation.