Why Is Branding Important To Your Success?

What is branding and why is it important to your success? How can branded packaging increase your sales?

Here at Packaging Supplies, we understand the importance of branded packaging. We know that to get packaging right, it needs to be complemented with a strong brand and a logo customers can connect to and identify. Branding is something we, as business people, take for granted. But why is it important? What difference does branding make to your marketing efforts — and why do companies spend so much time, effort and consideration on their branding?

Your brand says a lot. It’s your promise to your customer and it tells your story. It lets your customer know what they can expect from you, and it also says something about where you have come from. It differentiates you from your competitors and helps you to stand out from the overcrowded market.

Why Is Branding Important?

Branding can do a lot for your company, your customers and your bottom line. Put simply, branding:

  • Tells your story
  • Builds an emotional connection between your company and your target customer
  • Improves recognition of you and your product
  • Builds trust and confidence in you and your products or services
  • Generates revenue growth
  • Improves employee experience and retention
  • Gives you an edge on your competition

Through an effective brand strategy, you can enhance the customer experience and create brand loyalty. It all starts with a solid brand identity. Done right, over time, your brand will develop a reputation and this will spread by word of mouth. Eventually, you’ll have loyal customers championing your brand on social media, which is the best kind of free marketing you can get.

Your Brand Represents Your Company’s Identity and Values

We’ve talked before about how your brand, and your custom packaging, tell a story. Branding is something you need to consider carefully — it can’t be rushed. It needs to be special and unique to your company. It needs to show what your business stands for, where it’s come from and why it has grown. What values are important to your organisation? Answering this question and knowing your values will help you to nurture and develop an authentic, meaningful brand. In this sense, defining your brand is a journey of self-discovery for your business.

Before you begin to develop your brand, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • What values are most important to our organisation?
  • What is our mission?
  • What sets us apart from the competition?
  • What feelings do we want our customers to feel when they see our logo?
  • What is our tone of voice?

Logo Design Is the Foundation of Your Brand

At the very core of your branding is your logo design. Your logo is what will be immediately identifiable to your customers and your fans. You need it to be simple, strong and clear. This logo will say a lot about your company. Make sure you’re happy with your logo — this isn’t a process to be rushed. While rebranding is possible, you should know that it comes at a high price and customers love stability and consistency.

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How Bespoke Packaging Helps Create a Strong Brand

Once upon a time, packaging used to be just that — packaging. It was simply a means of getting a product from place A to place B, safely and securely. Today, packaging has evolved. While it still needs to be secure and sturdy, eCommerce packaging is now a core element of your brand strategy.

Your packaging is a great way of adding value to the customer experience. It is also a fantastic opportunity to reinforce your brand. Customised packaging has helped businesses grow bigger and stronger while boosting sales and retaining customers. As well as emblazoning your logo across your packaging, you can choose your packaging material and the size and shape best suited to showcase your products.

Branding gives your company a solid grounding, but it also provides the opportunity for a bright future. Understanding the importance of branding and bespoke packaging can help businesses thrive in a way that is right for them. So at every stage, ask yourself what matters most to your company and exactly what makes you special.

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