How to Attract More Customers with Bespoke E-commerce Packaging

When it comes to making more sales, bespoke E-Commerce packaging can make all the difference

When it comes to E-Commerce, businesses today need to grasp every opportunity to stand out and gain an advantage. More than ever, customers care about brands. They want to be part of a brand’s community, to enjoy a message and to share a story. Gradually, savvy businesses are waking up to the fact that bespoke E-Commerce packaging is a tool to be used — one that can turn an interested party into a real customer.

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E-Commerce packaging is much more than just a cardboard box. It represents a chance to highlight your values, your creativity and your message. Below are five design elements organisations should keep in mind while creating their bespoke E-Commerce packaging. Making the right choices now will help you attract more customers and boost profits in the long-term.

1. Choose the Right Images

People are visual creatures. Give them something meaningful and distinctive to look at. This can include your logo, but you might have other imagery that represents your company. Take the time to design images that are right for your brand and that are eye-catching.

2. Consider the Right Colours

Colour can be a powerful marketing tool. When designing your E-Commerce packaging, decide what colours you will be using. Find the right palette that will attract your target customer and colours that speak to your product, your company and your values. 

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3. Remember: Sometimes Less Is More

Don’t make the mistake of cluttering your E-Commerce packaging. Sometimes, less is more. Minimalism is a growing trend that is really appealing to a lot of customers. A clean, clear and strong package design can make all the difference to sales. It can also speak volumes about your brand, representing pure, open and honest values. Rather than focusing on style, you are focusing on substance and content.

If you’re leaning towards minimalism with your bespoke E-Commerce packaging, the details are all the more important, from your choice of colours to your typography. If you’re looking for inspiration, here is a selection of minimalist packaging designs.

4. What Is Your Brand’s Typeface?

When designing your E-Commerce packaging, the typeface is something you want to get right. Your typeface is an indicator to your customer of what kind of brand you are — it might seem like a small choice, but it says a lot about you. Your typeface will differ depending on whether your brand is edgy, upmarket, sophisticated or modern. You will need to consider what font you will use, whether its serif or sans serif, whether you want to use a combination of fonts, your letter scaling and spacing, as well as font-weight and capitalisation. Every choice matters, and it can make all the difference between catching the eye of a customer or being overlooked.

5. Reusability

E-Commerce bespoke packaging serves another purpose when it can be reused. Consider how you package your items and how your target customer might repurpose your packaging. Reusability is increasingly important, given how the average customer is more environmentally aware than ever before. Going this extra step will help give your brand an edge and will demonstrate your organisation is conscious of its environmental footprint and making strides to reduce it.

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