Do Customers Care about Your Product’s Packaging?

Let’s explore the importance of product packaging. How much do customers really care? What are their top concerns?

Each year, 95% of new products fail. That’s an incredible statistic —- and a bleak one if you’re putting everything into getting your product off the ground. So what separates the winners from the losers? Why do certain products fly off the shelves while others never take off at all?

The answer could be down to the packaging. In fact, some argue that packaging is even more important than the actual product you are selling. We wouldn’t go that far — you need to have a great product to excite your customers and to guarantee repeat business. But we do agree that packaging is a huge differentiating factor when it comes to product success and one that is often sadly overlooked — to the detriment of a company.

When discussing the importance of product packaging, we need to consider how packaging makes a difference to customer perception and their buying decisions. Below are the reasons packaging is — and will always be — important to customers.

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1. Environmental Considerations

Consumers are conscious today. Customers simply don’t want packaging that isn’t recyclable or reusable. Similarly, they get frustrated with excessive packaging. If you don’t believe us, you can check out these examples of bemused Amazon customers who received boxes far too big for their products.

According to one source, 52% of people make purchase decisions — at least partially — based on eco-friendly packaging. Another source also suggests a third of people are hugely concerned about the impact of plastic packaging. Furthermore, 80% of people believe it is “important or extremely important” for companies to design environmentally-friendly products. Clearly, customers care about packaging. More to the point, they care about eco-packaging.

2. Is the Packaging True to the Brand?

Customers don’t just buy your product — they buy into your brand. Customers like brands that make an effort to engage with them and to communicate their message. Packaging is a great opportunity to promote your brand and your values. Your brand needs packaging that sets it apart. Your packaging must be readily identifiable. Why would your customers buy your product if they can’t quickly and simply identify what it looks like on the shelves? They’d be much more likely to bypass your product for one with more shelf appeal.

Customers love logos — and they trust them. Packaging allows us to showcase our logos proudly. Remember, customers associate a brand’s image and reputation with how well its product is packaged.

3. Is Packaging Easily Accessible?

When discussing the importance of product packaging, we need to talk about convenience. Businesses need to do all they can to make their customers’ lives easier. Remove every stumbling block imaginable between your customer and your product. The last thing you want is for your packaging to be cumbersome and awkward. According to one study, 55% of respondents said their number one packaging annoyance is packaging that is difficult to open.

4. Authenticity and Transparency

Customers want packaging that is authentic and transparent. They want to know what they are buying. They don’t want to be sold a lie. If you’re using images on your packaging, these images need to accurately reflect what is sold. Don’t sell a simple ready meal and claim it’s haute cuisine. Don’t mislead your customers into believing a product is better value for money than it is — this will only serve to frustrate and annoy your customers, who won’t be likely to rebuy your product.

Misleading customers is just one example of huge packaging fails that could damage your business.

5. Is Your Packaging Unique?

Smart brands know to use packaging to add an element of fun to the customer’s experience. They understand the importance of unique packaging, and of adding an element of quirkiness. There are a number of creative packaging ideas to explore. Find what works for you — if you give your packaging an unexpected edge, you’ll unlock the key to customer loyalty and business success.

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